Plush Donut Pet Bed, Product Review

Plush Donut Pet Bed

Product Review

We recently purchased new pet beds for the dogs which were recommended to us by friends who were extremely impressed by the Plush Donut Bed. This is my opinion of the product which will be helpful to anyone looking for a quality dog bed.

Darcy is a rescue dog with anxiety problems so I wanted to get him a new bed with high sides to make him feel extra secure. The manufacturers say that the shape is designed to promote deep sleep, not only with the high sides but with good head and neck support too. They say that the bed provides joint and muscle pain relief due to the softness of the filling, which is an advantage to me because one of my dogs is elderly and prone to stiffness, especially in the morning.

The fabric is extremely plush and soft and keeps my dogs lovely and warm on these cold winter nights. I liked the nonslip, waterproof bottom to the bed and because both my dogs only need a small size it can be easily machine washed. For larger beds that don’t fit into a washing machine, hand washing is recommended.


The Donut Bed comes in four colours, I chose pale grey to match my decor and the actual colour was identical to the one shown in the picture. They are available in three sizes, we chose the Medium which is 19.7″ x 7.9″ and suitable for dogs up to 11lbs in weight. This size is just right for my miniature Dachshund and Chihuahua/ Shih Tzu. Medium would be fine for other small dogs, puppies, small cats and kittens. If you have a puppy who will grow into a much bigger dog I would advise that you purchase a larger bed.


Plush Donut Pet Bed

The bed arrived in vacuum packed plastic. After removing from the packaging it needed a really good shake to get the fluffiness back into the fabric and achieve the required shape.

Darcy quickly chose the donut over his old bed, which I left out for a few days. He sleeps soundly, keeps warm (which is very important for a Dachshund) and needs to be woken up or he would snooze happily all day.

Holly was less eager to try her new bed but soon began to choose it over her old one. The bed I used previously for Holly required a blanket and she occasionally got her nails stuck in her knitted blanket which upset her. Her new bed gives a soft, warm cocoon effect and no blankets are needed. She suffers from morning stiffness and I was impressed that the Plush Donut bed had no rigid corners or stiff trim which could dig into her joints.

I am pleased that the dogs will now choose to nap in their beds during the day instead of jumping on to the furniture. Dachshunds especially should always be discouraged from jumping due to the risk of a back injury.

Plush Donut Pet Bed

My main concern before purchasing the bed was:-

1 Would it be big enough?

2 Would the fabric fibres shed on to carpets and into the air?

3 How well would the bed retain its ‘donut’ shape?

It has been a few weeks now and there was no need for me to be concerned about the fibres shedding. As I said previously the medium bed was the perfect size for my dog and the shape has stayed the same even though my dog constantly jumps in and out of it.

I think the bed looks really cosy and the high sides protect my dog from cold draughts. My dog can roll into a ball in the centre or sleep using the sides as a pillow for his head.

I have washed the donut bed on a 60 degree wash and it dried quickly overnight in the airing cupboard, retaining it’s shape perfectly.

The bed is lightweight and it is ideal to use in the car or if my dog goes to stay with family overnight.

Purchase Links, Price and Delivery

The actual bed I bought was:-

Plush Donut Dog Bed from Amazon UK.  I paid £21.59 with free delivery (which took 4 days).

An identical dog bed from

BinetGo Dog and Cat Bed  

In Conclusion

The Plush Donut Dog Bed is excellent value for money, is well made and gives the impression that it will really last. The plush fabric gives a lovely, warm, soft and cosy feel and my dog likes the high sides which make him feel extra safe. The bed is extremely lightweight, which makes it portable and easy to wash and dry. I highly recommend for senior dogs who may suffer from joint pain or anxious dogs. The bed keeps its shape and just requires a light shaking every day to retain the fluffiness of the fabric.

An Update To The Original Post

Since purchasing the donut pet beds for my existing dogs I welcomed a puppy to our home. I bought one for him too and he loves it. I purchased the donut in the same size as the adult dogs so that the bed will be big enough for him when he is fully grown. This time I chose the darker grey colour and the quality is just the same as my original purchases.

The video shows Ripley who is a 14 week chihuahua happily playing in his donut bed.

Due to Ripley not being housetrained, there have been a few accidents and the bed has been washed several times now. Each time, the donut has come out of a 60-degree wash in exactly the same condition. I think this is quite rare, I have washed many pet beds and find that many lose there shape after just one wash.

Puppy house training can be difficult, especially in the cold winter months when soiled items can’t be dried outside. So, this bed has made my life much easier because it can be dried quickly on a radiator or airing cupboard in just a few hours.

The bed fits perfectly in the puppy crate which I use at night and I take the bed out of the crate to use in the day. Ripley sleeps soundly in the ultra-soft bed and it has helped him feel secure when he is left alone.

Thank you for reading.

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