Does Your Dog Need A Onesie?


Does Your Dog Need A Onesie?

Ok, I know they look odd but actually, the new trend for the dog onesie has actually got some surprising benefits and is certainly a lot more than a new fashion statement for dogs. In this post, Does Your Dog Need A Onesie? we take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of this popular dog accessory.

I have been amazed when out walking, to see dogs wearing head to toe bodysuits which resemble baby romper suits. My first thought was ‘They are dogs – why would you do that to them?’  and also  ‘How on Earth do you put them on a dog?’

So when chatting to fellow dog walkers about the incessant rain etc I slipped the questions that were bothering me into the conversation and found that there are actually some great advantages to the dog onesie.

Dog Onesie

I wanted to share some of the advantages and disadvantages of this new trend and discuss some important points.

My main concern, as always is for the dogs.

  • Are dog onesies comfortable?
  • Does the dog feel silly dressed in an oversized baby grow?
  • Shouldn’t dogs be allowed to get muddy?
  • Does a dog get too hot dressed in this way?
  • What happens when the fabric gets wet?

After researching the brand I found several benefits that genuinely surprised me.


The Dog Onesie Purchase Link

Advantages of A Dog Onesie

Obviously, the onesie stops the dog from getting muddy and protects against Alabama Rot which is quite widespread in the UK. It also stops the dog from picking up ticks.

Bathing a dog too often can have negative effects, including stripping natural oils, disrupting skin pH, changing coat texture, causing allergies, increasing shedding, inducing stress, and being time-consuming. It’s recommended to follow a regular grooming routine and bathe dogs only when necessary to maintain their skin and coat health. The Onesie allows dogs to run freely on muddy walks without the disadvantages of a daily bath at certain times of year.

It would be a huge benefit if you have a long-haired dog who enjoys walks on sandy beaches

However, there are more benefits to this dog accessory than you might anticipate.

After Surgery

The onesie can be worn as a substitute for a medical cone which is used to deter the dog from biting and licking surgery wounds, skin infections, insect bites or rashes. It also ensures that the dog can eat and drink normally and move around freely. The plastic cones are cumbersome and uncomfortable for the dog to wear and restrict eyesight and movement. This is the last thing you want for a dog who is feeling unwell or recovering from surgery. The onesie would not only help to stop the dog from getting to the wound but also keep the area clean, so that it heals quicker. A plastic cone is troublesome if the dog is crated, whereas the onesie allows the dog to rest in a comfortable position.

Reduces Anxiety

The snug fit can make anxious dogs feel more secure, in a similar way to how mothers swaddle babies. This could be extremely beneficial if the dog has a fear of thunderstorms, fireworks, traffic, other dogs or being left alone. It is important that the correct fit is purchased if the garment is required for this purpose. The size depends on the weight of the dog and it comes in eight sizes ranging from 4lbs to 150lbs.

Other ways to help dog anxiety can be found here.

The Dog Onesie

The dog onesie is designed to contain the dog hair within the suit to reduce excessive pet fur around the home.

Allergy Relief

In my opinion, this wouldn’t work as a permanent solution but it could help if the dog comes into contact with someone that suffers from allergies. It can also help to keep specific areas clear of dog hair eg the car or kitchen and worn at certain times of the year when the dog is shedding heavily.

A onesie can be helpful if the dog suffers from allergies (eg pollen) or when a female dog is in season.

Dog Onesie Fabric

The special fabric is lightweight, stretchy and breathable with a zip along the underside of the garment which can be unzipped when the dog wants to urinate.

The fabric dries quickly in wet conditions and also means that the dog remains cool when wearing it.

It can be washed regularly in the washing machine and dries quickly. This is a complete time-saver if you have a dog who loves to roll around in mud and fox poo.

Onesies are also available without leg coverage. These would be suitable for dogs with short legs like dachshunds, corgis, and chihuahuas.

The Dog Onesie


The Shed Defender is available in 8 sizes and there is a choice of black, red, blue or pink. These are available in the United States but shipped worldwide.

Disadvantages of a Dog Onesie

The outfits are not for all dogs and if the dog is not happy I would not recommend one.  Read the instructions before putting on to cut down on stress for the dog.

I don’t think the onesie should be worn at all times to prevent shedding in the home. If allergies are a problem or you don’t want pet hair in the home there are breeds that are known to be minimal shedders.

Examples of low shedding dog breeds and how to reduce shedding in the home can be found here

One disadvantage I can foresee is that the onesie would not be an adequate replacement for the plastic medical cone if the dog is an aggressive chewer. The fabric would rip if the dog was absolutely intent on getting to the wound.

The dog onesie should not be used as a substitute for adequate dog grooming. Brushing and occasional bathing are also really important.

How To Put On and Take Off

There is a really helpful video on the Amazon website which shows How To Put On The Shed Defender

Take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the outfit and only put it on the dog once you know which way round it goes.

Slip over the head, insert the legs then zip down from the chest to the underside of the tail.

The onesie can simply be unzipped when the dog needs to toilet, there is no need to take it off.

The following dog onesies are available on Amazon UK.

The Dog Onesie The Dog Onesie


I think it is safe to say that the dog onesie is not suitable for every dog. However, in certain circumstances, it can be a complete game-changer and make life much easier for the owner and the dog too. In this instance, suitability is down to the individual dog’s personality and not just on breed, shape and size. A good dog owner knows his dog extremely well and can weigh up the advantages or disadvantages of the onesie.

Have you ever used a dog onesie? If you have let me know in the comments below what you think of them. I would love to know!


The links provided are affiliate links and photographs credited to Amazon.

14 thoughts on “Does Your Dog Need A Onesie?”

  1. An excellent post, thank you.

    The Fab Four have Equafleece Polartec onesies, which are ideal to keep them warm in the winter and to prevent snow from balling up in their fur. They don’t seem to mind wearing them and quickly got used to the routine of putting them on and taking them off.

    The only disadvantage that we have noticed is that if their fur is long, it tends to matt under the onesie. This is less of a problem when their coats are shorter. (They are Cavapoos.)

    We discovered Equafleece on a park walk in the UK – we met a Cockapoo with a penchant for mud and fox poo rolling. Regarding his onesie, his owner told us, “He loves it!”

    I hadn’t thought about the protection against ticks and Alabama rot, but that is also an excellent reason to wear one.

    1. I hadn’t thought about snow balls, that’s a really good point.Thank you for your kind words, my daughter has a Cavapoo, she is an absolute sweetheart!

    1. Me too, I thought ‘Whatever Next?’ but actually they are really helpful.Thank you for stopping by.

    1. I know, they are not for every dog. One of mine loves a jumper but the other runs off when I get his warm coat out.

  2. Years ago I used onesies from the thrift store on my Doxies. It wasn’t until recently that I learned about them for dogs.
    About the cones. Most of my dachshunds wore them with no problems. My dachshund Buddy however, learned that if he turned his head sideways he could make it through the doggie door. He got so good at it, he would get a running start and fly through the it’s. Eventually he broke the cone. First it cracked. I called the vet and told them I needed a new one. They said they never had one crack before. A couple days later by the time we got to the vet appointment it was broken into many pieces. The vet just shook her head and decided he did not need a cone. She said she never seen anything like it. I told her it should have been covered under warranty, and she got a good laugh out of that.
    I know that didn’t pertain to your story but I wanted to tell you about that and I didn’t know how else to do it.

    1. This made me smile, only a Dachshund eh? Buddy sounds like a very clever and brave little chap. My dachshund would never consider wearing a cone, he would feel that was far beneath him! They are such proud and brave little dogs. Thank you, I love to read your stories.

      1. There is another thing Buddy would do. I always take my shoes off when I come in the door how’s my house and put my slippers on. In that same room is a door going into the dog pen with the doggie door in it. One day one of my slippers was not there when I came back in the house and after looking around for a while I found it in Buddy’s kennel. All the dogs have their own kennel where they eat, but during the day they’re open so they can go into any one they want. Then both slippers started disappearing, and at first I found them in Buddy’s kennel also. Then one day they weren’t in there. I looked around and sounds one slipper in one dogs kennel and one slipper in another dog’s kennel. The next day I stood outside and waited and watch through the window, sure enough Buddy came running into the kitchen one slip or at a time and put them in the other dog kennels. I thought that was a smart dog, I got a good laugh out of that!

        1. Now that’s clever, Darcy would let his sister take the blame for all his mischief….but I know him too well!.

    1. We don’t care about spelling here, as long as you drop in for a chat about your dogs that’s all that matters.

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