Waggy Tales Wrap Up 2019

Waggy Tales Wrap Up 2019

It’s been another great year in the Waggy Tales family.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and share some doggy updates. I constantly talk about my dogs but don’t often share photos. So here is my doggy family, followed by some blogging highlights and plans for 2020.



Firstly Holly turned seventeen just before Christmas. I can’t believe this sweet little girl has been by my side for almost two decades. She has been a constant throughout some turbulent times and I think I need her far more than she needs me.

This year I have noticed that her sight and hearing have deteriorated. However, she still gallops up the stairs two at a time and is first in the queue for a treat.



Next Mr. Darcy the Dachshund, miniature only in stature, mighty in everything else! he is still stubborn, single-minded, selfish and so, so, affectionate.




Darcy’s first years (before we adopted him) have really left a mark, giving him a strong survival instinct to ‘look after number one’.








If he is not snuggled by my side you can bet he is somewhere up to mischief. His intelligence amazes me and his stubbornness defeats me but I can’t imagine life without him.



This year I finally plucked up the courage to take the dogs on holiday. It was Darcy’s first time at the seaside and he loved every minute. There was no need for me to worry, he was courteous to everyone he met, travelled well on the journey and acted just like the complete angel I know he can be!



Moving on to my daughter’s dog now. Rosie is sweetness personified and her hugs are craved by everyone. She quietly takes her turn behind her blunderous baby brother but stands her ground if he oversteps the mark. She’s almost perfect but detests going out in the rain which has been frustrating with all the downpours of recent weeks.


Goldendoodle Luca is now fully grown but still thinks he is a lapdog. He is the polar opposite of his grumpy, miniature cousin, a gentle giant, goofy and gorgeous. When calm he is soothing to the soul, we just need to work on his spacial awareness and confidence around strangers

Holly seeks Luca out to play, despite the enormous size difference. her instincts tell her that he would never harm her and his playfulness is infectious. Darcy dislikes Luca with a passion, he came along and stole his crown and will never be forgiven (but we can still hope!)

I am craving a new furry addition to the family and scouring rescue sites for a pup who can be a companion for Darcy in years to come. I think I will know when the right one comes along, I trust fate to steer me, it never let me down before.

This year in the blog I have tackled many topics concerning dog ownership.

My main interests are helping anxious dogs, rescue, and any books which feature dogs.

I really enjoyed researching for a series of posts that featured endangered dog breeds including the Welsh Corgi, Bloodhound, Skye Terrier, and the Otterhound.

Sadly I researched the sickening practice of puppy farming and discovered that Lucy’s Law will be introduced in the UK in early 2020 to make puppy farms illegal.

The most popular topics this year have been;

How To Stop A Dog Fight

Travelling With An Anxious Dog

The Importance Of Eye contact In Dogs

My Top Ten Dog Portraits From Pinterest

This was my most popular Pinterest pin this year.


What to say (and not to say) when a family dog has died.

Dog Art is my most popular Pinterest board and features over 5,000 stunning dog portraits by some amazing artists.

In 2020 I hope to continue sharing valuable information about our precious pooches. I hope to interact with other dog lovers and help to keep our dogs happy and healthy.

There are some interesting topics coming up including more about specific breeds and home remedies for dog ailments.

My main goal is to keep Holly by my side and teach Darcy to like Luca a bit more!

If there is anything you would like to know more about please leave a comment and I will be happy to feature it in a blog post.

Also if you have an extra special dog, let me know and we can put a feature together.

Finally thank you to all who have read, interacted and followed us on social media. It really does mean a lot.

Keep those tails wagging!

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  1. your articles are so well written and very informative…I always learn a good tip from your writings in helping me with my rescue dogs ! Sending Happy New Year wishes to you and your family and your lovely fur babies

  2. My dog, Ragonk, has an interesting story of how he came into my life and how he came to rule it! I have written about it on my blog, but if you would like to do a collab, I am all for it. I have owned many dogs and between my desire to learn about all breeds and my sister’s obession over her Competition dogs, I do have some helpful information, although I am sure it is no where NEAR your knowledge. 🙂 I love all your posts and Happy Wagging in the Year to Come!!! 🙂 P

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment. I had a look at your blog and was very interested to read Ragonk A Dog’s Tale of Survival. I would love to feature yourself and Ragonk and would happily link to your blog in exchange for a short feature and photo(s). If you are interested could you contact me at lou.capp@yahoo.co.uk ? Thanks again, I love to hear about rescue dogs and would love to hear more about Ragonk and how you have helped each other. Best Wishes, Lou

  3. Happy New Year! And congratulations to all your fur babies on their achievements – especially Holly who looks so well.

    The Fab Four send their love, as does Blade, the Transylvanian stray whom we brought home from our travels in Romania. He has settled like a native in his new home and is a bright and happy boy. You would never suspect the start he had in life as a street dog, who we were told would probably not survive the winter.

    We’re all skiing in Italy for the season and planning our fifth year of full-time travel with four dogs for 2020. The plan is Poland and The Baltics, unless we turn left again and go somewhere else!

    If you are interested in adventure travel with dogs, I too would be more than pleased to collaborate. And if you are interested in dog books, I shall shortly be publishing my fourth Adventure Travel with Dogs book.

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes. It seems that you have an exciting year ahead, travelling with four dogs. If you would like to write a feature for Waggy Tales I would be happy to know more about your adventures (and your forthcoming book). I will be glad to add a link to your website. Please send to my email which is lou.capp@yahoo.co.uk. Happy New Year to yourselves and The Fab Four.

      1. Thank you Lou! I shall drop you a line in a day or two, I am furiously trying to finish the manuscript for my book which scheduled for proofing this week! xx

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