The Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed (40 Amazing Facts)


The Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

(40 Amazing Facts)

The Yorkshire Terrier (or Yorkie) is a popular dog breed throughout the world. Having fostered a Yorkshire Terrier I am really fond of this breed. They are feisty yet extremely loyal, intelligent and always up for fun.

Would you like to know more?

Popular questions will be answered.

For example ;-

What sort of temperament do they have?

Do they shed fur?

How do I rescue a Yorkshire Terrier?

All the answers are here, I hope you find something interesting!

There is also a small section at the end of this post which is dedicated to a Yorkshire Terrier called Mickey. I was lucky enough to foster Mickey, then went on to welcome him back as a guest several times a year. I hope you like his story, he was a credit to the breed and I loved him dearly.

The Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed (1)


1 Yorkshire Terriers are part of the Toy Group of dogs and are popular worldwide.

2 They can have long lives, living up to 16 years old.


3 Both sexes weigh around 3.2kg.

4 They grow to around 20cm.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed


5 Although small in stature, they have big personalities.

6 Yorkies make wonderful companion dogs.

7 They are good with other pets if socialised well as a puppy

8 Yorkies are good with older children and love to play.

9 They remain puppylike into their mature years and love to be the centre of attention.

10 Yorkshire Terriers are great for first-time owners because they are easy to train.

11 They are intelligent and inquisitive dogs.

12 Yorkies are territorial dogs and will guard what is theirs without hesitation.

13 They happily fit into an owner’s lifestyle and are happy to live in an apartment if walked daily.

14 They will live with cats if they have grown up together.

15 Some have a tendency to bark but make excellent watchdogs.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

History of the Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

16 They were first known as a Scotch Terrier.

17 They were originally bred in Yorkshire, England in the 19th century.

18 The Kennel Club first recognised the Yorkshire Terrier in 1874.

19 American Kennel Club recognised them in 1885.

20 The first dog known to define the breed was a dog called Huddersfield Ben. He attended dog shows in the late 1860s. He is referred to as ‘the father of the breed’.

21 Yorkshire Terriers were bred as ratters, this trait remains today as they love to hunt for vermin.

22 Due to their ratting tendencies, caution should be taken around small pets eg hamsters, gerbils etc.

23 Traditionally the Yorkshire Terrier’s tail was docked, however, this practice does not take place today.

24 The Silky Terrier has been created from the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

25 The smallest dog on record was a Yorkshire Terrier called Sylvia. She weighed just 4oz (110g). She died at just two years old.

26 A Teacup Yorkshire Terrier is a dog weighing less than 4lbs (1.8kg) when fully grown. This type of breeding is considered controversial as these dogs are prone to health conditions.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed


27 Their coats are straight, long and glossy, it requires regular grooming.

28 Yorkshire Terriers do not shed their fur except when brushed or bathed. This makes them excellent dogs for people who suffer from allergies.

29 The coat is usually light to dark grey/blue along the back with a tan colour to the head, chest and legs.

30 A dog’s full coloring is not fully known until the dog is three years old.

31 The coat is prone to tangling and needs to be brushed daily.


32 Yorkshire Terriers need to be socialised from an early age and trained consistently and patiently.

33 They are a clever breed and will need lots of mental stimulation.

34 They need at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed


35 Health problems include hypoglycemia, eye problems, dental problems and collapsed trachea.

36 The Yorkshire Terrier is prone to dental problems so regular tooth brushing is required.

37 Like all small dogs, they may have poor tolerance for anaesthesia.

38 Yorkshire Terrier’s feel the cold, so a coat is advised when the dog is outside in winter.

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Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Rescue

39 If you are thinking of owning a Yorkshire Terrier Dog please go to an established and reputable dog breeder.

If you are considering rescuing a Yorkshire Terrier here are rescue sites for the breed which are recommended by The Kennel Club.

Some US rescue centres for Yorkies are also included.

UK Rescue For Yorkshire Terriers

If you would rather fill out a form online to contact the rescue centre’s you can do this here.

Yorkshire Terrier Club Rescue & Rehoming

Mrs. R Webster


01691 622332

07577 199412

Happy Days Yorkshire Terrier Rescue

Mr Tony & Mrs Wendy Souter


01752 785722

Yorkshire Terrier Club Of Scotland Rescue

Mrs A Brown


01236 843688

US Rescue For Yorkshire Terriers

I have just spent a while gushing over some of the adorable dogs on these sites. Please stop by if you are thinking of adopting.

Save A Yorkie Rescue

United Yorkie Rescue

40 To summarise

A Yorkshire Terrier is a small bundle of friendly fun. He needs consistent training and regular grooming but will fit into any home environment as long as he gets a regular 30-minute walk.

My Own Experience Of A Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

This is Mickey, a Yorkshire Terrier who I fostered when he was eight years old. He soon found a forever home but came to stay with me regularly when his owners were away. He sadly passed away this year at the age of thirteen, leaving his owners (and me) devastated.

Here’s a little about Mickey

From the moment Mickey came to stay with me he slotted into our home and routine seamlessly. He was house trained, meticulously clean and very affectionate little man. As long as he could curl up on someone’s lap he was happy. My own dogs adored him and whenever he came to stay he slotted straight back into the pack

He loved to perform tricks, play with his toys and enjoyed long walks. He stayed extremely fit as he became a senior dog. He had a sensitive tummy so we had to be careful to keep him on a bland diet, which suited him fine. He also developed a little arthritis in his neck but it never stopped him having fun.

He always seemed to know if you were having a bad day, he was an intuitive dog and a fantastic companion. His forever home was with a retired couple,  this was the perfect match because they had the time to spare and Mickey was so lucky to find such a devoted new family.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed

This post is dedicated to Mickey, sleep well little man xx

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  1. I have a yorkie named SIMBA,who is just 9 months old ,he is fun to be,too naughty but adorable

    1. That’s lovely, give Simba a big hug from us. I fostered a yorkie and he loved to play, even when he was 15 years old xx

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