Bach Rescue Remedy For Anxious Pets


Bach Rescue Remedy For Anxious Pets

I have personally used Rescue Remedy for anxious pets for many years. With the fireworks season approaching, I thought it would be good to share my experiences and hopefully help others.

The original remedy used by people to relieve stress has been available now for seventy years.

The best feature of the remedy is that it is completely natural and contains no harmful chemicals or drugs.

Here we look at the ingredients, how it works and which animals it can be used on. I give advice on how I have personally used this product and explain situations in which it can be extremely useful.

I always have a bottle in my pet first-aid box and have recommended it to other dog fosterers and people who are adopting a new dog.

It comes in a small bottle with a dropper which is used to dispense the tincture.

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Rescue Remedy For Anxious Pets

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What Are The Ingredients of Bach Pet Rescue Remedy?

It is a blend of  five flowers,

Star of Bethlehem helps animals that have been through trauma.

Rock Rose helps if the animal experiences terror.

Cherry Plum for barking dogs, licking or scratching.

Impatiens helps animals who are impatient for food, walks etc

Clematis helps lethargy and drowsiness

(Ingredients from the back of the box)

HPUS 5x dilution of helianthemum nummularium, clematis vitalba, impatiens glandulifera, prunus cerasifera, ornithogalum umbellatum, 80% glycerin, 20% water.

Which pets can it help?

Reptiles, Fish, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Horses, and Rabbits.

I have only used it on dogs but know people who use it on cats with great results.

How Can It Help My Pet?

It eases the symptoms of animal anxiety and tension without causing drowsiness.

Animals feel fear, anger, jealousy, and depression just like we do, so the Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets help to balance negative emotions.

The branding states that it helps in the following way:-

  • Natural herbal calming
  • Pheromones create a sense of well being
  • Constantly comforting residual air
  • Great for stress and tension

How Many Drops Does My Dog Need and How Is It Administered?

Simply place 4 drops of Rescue Remedy Pet directly into the mouth. Alternatively, add 4 drops to food, water bowl or on a treat. Rescue Remedy Pet can also be rubbed directly on the animal’s nose, ear or paw.

What is the difference between the Pet Rescue Remedy and the ordinary version?

The ‘Pet’ version of Rescue Remedy does not contain alcohol.

Can this Remedy be used Long Term?


How Long Will A Bottle Last?

If used on an occasional basis the bottle lasts for a long time. I made my last purchase in March and there is half a bottle left. If used on a daily basis the remedy would have to be purchased regularly. My advice would be to buy a small bottle and see if it works for your pet.

Can It Be Used To Treat Severe Anxiety?

Yes, I use it on my dog who suffers very badly from anxiety. It doesn’t have a miraculous result but I can see that it takes the edge off his anxiety. The alternative is to give him a mild sedative which leaves him completely zoned out and I hate to see him like that.

If I know something is about to happen which will accelerate his anxiety (ie a trip to the vets), I give him some concealed in a treat before he gets stressed and that seems to really help.

Is It Guaranteed to work for every pet?

I would say no, but I think it is well worth a try. Also, it can’t harm him or her because the ingredients are natural so well worth a try.

Rescue Remedy For Anxious Pets

I have only used the Rescue Remedy on dogs so I can’t comment on how effective it is for other animals.

For extremely anxious dogs it can be used alongside a  Thundershirt or Adaptil Spray.

For more information about how to help anxious dogs and my personal experiences with my own rescue dog, please take a look here:

Anxiety in Dogs (Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies)

Fireworks Anxiety in Dogs

Darcy Rescue Remedy For Anxious Pets
Meet Darcy, my rescue dog who had been mistreated and suffers from very severe anxiety.

10 Reasons To Give Your Dog Bach Rescue Remedy

1 It helps with many types of anxiety including:

Separation Anxiety

Travel Anxiety

Fear of Fireworks

Fear of Thunder and Lightening

2 I have worked with many rescue dogs who are very upset by their change of circumstance. Therefore, it has helped many foster dogs settle into new surroundings and a different routine.

3 I use Rescue Remedy for anxious pets before taking them on holiday or for long car trips. It seems to keep them calm and they are happy to settle down and sleep during the journey.

4 I give my anxious dog a couple of drops of the remedy in their water during busy times at home like Christmas and Birthday celebrations.

5 If you are introducing a new dog to an existing dog it is a good idea to make sure that they are both feeling calm for their first meeting.

6 A vet advised me to give an epileptic dog a dose of Rescue Remedy to help him recover from a seizure.

7 Some dogs don’t enjoy a trip to the groomers a small dose can ease anxiety symptoms and in addition, the dog will be more relaxed.

8 Rescue Remedy is helpful if you need to walk your dog through busy traffic,additionally, the dog may have to walk close to noisy building sites or road works.

9 If a dog is recovering from illness or surgery it is essential that they are kept calm. I once had a dog who needed to have complete crate rest due to a back injury, the remedy helped him to remain settled and quiet while his back injury healed.

10 Sometimes there will be times when strangers visit the house or you need to have builders, decorators or plumbers working inside. A territorial dog will be anxious about this so a few drops of the remedy can help.

I hope you find this information useful.

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