Top Christmas Romance Books


Top Christmas Romance Books

I just can’t resist the covers to Christmas books and every year they just keep getting better and better.

With so many new publications every year it’s hard to know which ones to choose.

I’ve put together a list of my top Christmas romance reads from the last few years and I wanted to share with you the reason why I love them.

Some include links to my reviews so that you can get a more in-depth idea about the book.

There are also Amazon purchase links included which are affiliate links.

First I wanted to say why I love these books and what I think makes a great Christmas read.

What I Love About Top Christmas Romance Books


Obviously, a Christmas book should have the feel-good factor but I look for more than that. Stunning snowy locations and Christmas markets are always a winner for me but I also like characters who have an interesting backstory.


Christmas is the most romantic time of year, so there has to be a love interest for the main character, however, I don’t like it to be the main feature of the book. I enjoy ‘will they/won’t they’ romances and when the unlikeliest couples get together.


I love Christmas books that feature children because it’s lovely to see all the wonder of Christmas through their eyes. They also tend to add humour, which is an absolute must!


An intriguing plot is really important for a top Christmas romance read. There may be a theme where a character is running away and wants to ignore Christmas.  Sometimes there is a project, an event to organise or a disaster which means that the character has to race against time to get everything perfect for Christmas.


I like books that remind me of the true meaning of Christmas, but not in a sickly, patronising way. With so much commercialisation it’s good to be reminded that the festive season should not be about expensive gifts and overindulging in food and drink. Small gestures of kindness and family traditions are so important.


I absolutely love the descriptions of candy canes, freshly baked gingerbread men, steaming hot chocolate and warm cinnamon swirls. Delicious food really adds to the feel-good factor, however, it is sure to make you feel hungry!


It is an absolute must that there is lots of snow, especially if it comes on Christmas day. I also love remote cabins and cottages surrounded in snow, with a huge log fire.

Book Cover

Who can resist a beautiful festive book cover with snow-capped mountains, fairy lights, and twinkling Christmas trees? I love a book cover that draws me into the story and reminds me of cosy winter evenings by the fire.

Happy Ending

Of course, we expect a happy ending to a Christmas romance book but I also like all the loose ends to be tied up and leave me feeling satisfied with a big smile on my face.


I love a Christmas book that transports you to somewhere away from overcrowded shops, tacky decorations and forced joviality. The lead up to Christmas is a stressful time and we don’t all have the ‘perfect’ festive season that so many aspire too. A little escapism is good for the soul.

What do you love about Christmas books?

Here are a few examples of  Top Christmas Romance books that provide all of the above:-

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Christmas at the Little Knitting Box

If you have always fancied Christmas in New York (like me). this is the book for you.

Read my review here.











Also by Helen Rolfe is Christmas Miracles at the Little Log Cabin. 

This takes us to a little log cabin in the woods of Inglenook Falls. Can Holly bring back some joy into Mitch’s life?

It’s about reaching out with a simple act of kindness and changing someone’s life forever.










A Ration Book Christmas is set in London during WW2. The Brogan family are a resilient bunch keeping the home fires burning whilst the men fight overseas.

You can read my review here.








Debbie Macomber really knows how to write a Christmas novel and Merry and Bright is no exception. Main character Merry is introduced to the world of internet dating by her mother.

Will she meet the man of her dreams?










Winter at the Cosy Cottage Cafe features a British Bulldog called Hairy Pawter and a trip to a magical Christmas market.

Who could want for more?











The Christmas Wish is a poignant and emotional trip to Lapland, taken by  Esme who is sadly travelling alone after the death of her grandma.

Read my review here.










Coming Home To Glendale Hall is a very recent publication and this time it is a Scottish mansion location.

When Beth returns after ten years away will she be able to put the past behind her or will she run away all over again?

My review is here.







Christmas at the Candied Apple Cafe is another Christmas book set in New York. I loved all the mouth-watering treats sold in the cafe but what I loved most was a little girl called Sofia who needs to find the true magic of Christmas.

This is just adorable.


Read my review here






Catching Christmas is all about what really matters in life.

Truly ‘feel-good’.







51qlIwv4nxL (1).jpg





Snowflakes Over Holly Cove is the story of Tia, a journalist who chooses to spend Christmas in a cottage by the sea.

An emotional and uplifting read.








Snowy Nights at the Lonely Hearts Hotel is an adorable Cornish Christmas romance. Will Saffy pull off the perfect party and win the heart of Logan?

Read my review here.









Christmas with the East End Angels is a WW2 saga set in London’s East End. Frankie, Winnie, and Bella make up the ambulance crew of Station 75.

Truly Heartwarming.

My Review






I hope you like this selection of my favourite Christmas Romance reads.

If you have a Christmas Romance book that you love, let me know in the comments and I will happily check it out.

Thank you for reading.


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