Irresponsible Dog Owners, Letting The Side Down

Irresponsible Dog Owners

This post shows many examples of irresponsible dog owners behaviour.

However, in my opinion, the majority of people are responsible dog owners but there is definitely a minority who are giving us all a bad name.

The people who take their dogs to training classes, buy decent food and get their dogs neutered don’t make the headlines.

However irresponsible dog owners who raise aggressive dogs do!

We don’t tend to hear about the amazing service dogs saving lives every day but when someone gets hurt by a dog it’s front-page news.

Here are examples of how dog owners act irresponsibly. I’m sure there are many more, however, this long list shows just how big the problem is.

Some of the examples are due to a lack of education rather than neglect. Financial restrictions can also lead to a reduction of care, but so many of these examples are due to arrogance and disrespect for fellow humans.

 25 Examples of Irresponsible Dog Ownership

  •  Not cleaning up after your dog.
  •  Not researching breeds before purchasing a dog.
  • Irresponsible breeding.
  • Failure to control a dog in public.
  • Leaving a dog alone with a child.
  • Failing To Socialize A Puppy.
  • Ignoring basic training requirements.
  • Failure to vaccinate.
  • Withholding veterinary care.
  • Not giving the dog adequate exercise.
  • Using physical punishment to correct behaviour.
  • Purchasing a puppy as a present.
  • Feeding poor quality dog food.
  • Failure to keep an unpredictable dog on a leash.
  • Failure to muzzle an aggressive dog.
  • Treating a dog as a status symbol.
  • Failure to accept that not everyone loves dogs.
  • Using a choke chain or shock collar.
  • Keeping a dog outside without shelter.
  • Neglecting grooming requirements.
  • Failure to microchip.
  • Allowing a dog to roam free.
  • Leaving a dog alone to bark continuously.
  • Allowing a dog to become obese.
  • Failure to accept responsibility for a dog’s bad behaviour.

Plus many more.

Irresponsible Dog Owners

The problem is we are preaching to the converted. If you are reading this you already deeply care about your dog. The owners committing the above offences couldn’t be less bothered that they are giving dog owners, and dogs, in general, a very bad name.

A responsible dog owner is fully aware that not everyone likes dogs. We accept that dogs should be trained appropriately and kept under control at all times. We accept that our dogs are not perfect and we do what we can not to annoy others.

How To Stop Irresponsible Dog Owners


In the UK you can get an unlimited fine or a six-month prison sentence if your dog is dangerously out of control. You can also be prevented from owning a dog in the future and your dog may be destroyed. Higher prison sentences are given out if the dog injures or kills someone.

On the spot fixed penalty fines are given out if you don’t clean up after your dog.

Source GOV.UK

Members of the public are encouraged to report anyone who they suspect may be neglecting or abusing a dog. They can also report if they feel that a dog is a danger to society.

I applaud these punishments, but is it enough?

Will it stop irresponsible dog owners from giving the rest of us a bad name?

I doubt it.


I think people should be educated in the needs of a dog before taking on the responsibility. They should be made fully aware that if their dog causes harm it is the owner’s fault and they will face the consequences.

Breeders and vets should give out information to potential dog owners and actively encourage training classes.

Children should be taught to respect and care for all animals.

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Have you been affected by an irresponsible dog owner? Maybe you have an idea of how we can prevent this from happening ?

Please let me know in the comments.


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