Gifts For Grieving Dog Owners…dog bereavement.

Gifts For Grieving Dog Owners

When someone loses their dog it is so difficult to know what to say to them.

The grief of losing a family pet is just as hard as losing a member of your family. However, people are expected to carry on working and getting on with daily tasks, even though they feel heartbroken.

It is easy to offend someone and cause further upset by saying the wrong thing, even though it was meant well.

I know when I lost my dog comments like “at least he didn’t suffer” and “he had a good life” didn’t give me any comfort. If I’m honest, there were no words that could help at this time.

The one thing that I did want though was that my dog was always remembered.

When a dog dies there is no funeral or obituary and the loss can seem insignificant to others. Therefore, a kind gesture in the dog’s memory really does mean the world.

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So, I have compiled a list of memorial gifts for grieving dog owners. They are all inexpensive but will mean so much to someone who has sadly lost their pet.

My favourite gift for a grieving dog owner is definitely a houseplant plant or shrub for the garden. This can be a permanent living reminder of a dog who is truly missed. I have a rose bush for a dog that I lost and it flowers each year and gives me great comfort because it is so beautiful.

A simple card with a little personal verse is a lovely way to remember a dog who has passed away.

Here are some other thoughtful gifts which I am sure would make perfect gifts for grieving dog owners.

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gifts for grieving dog owners

Photograph Frame is a lovely way to remember a pet who has passed away. The person who has lost the dog may not feel able to use it straight away, but I can assure you that it will become a treasured possession.

If you don’t have a photograph of the dog, don’t worry, the owner will certainly have a favourite picture to place in the photo frame

My daughter bought me a keychain very similiar to this one. I love it because it goes everywhere with me and makes me feel like my dog is close by.

I love the angel wing and dog paw along with the touching words and verse.

Gifts For Grieving Dog Owners

This is such a sweet keepsake box to hold some beautiful memories. There is a card inside the box which says “Truly a friend”.

Willow Tree also produce an Angel Of Comfort

It has the sentiment ”Offering an embrace of comfort and love” written on a card alongside the figurine.

If the bereaved family have a garden, it is nice to remember the dog in the place he loved most.

This is a beautiful Stepping Stone Plaque which can be hung on a wall or placed on the ground.

Gifts For Grieving Dog Owners

I find candles very calming and comforting. This Healing Hearts Pet Memorial Candle includes a sympathy card and as the candle burns away, a heart shaped stone is revealed.

I love this Remembrance Bracelet which simply says “Once By My Side, Forever in my Heart”. It is made of stainless steel and fits most wrist sizes.

Gifts For Grieving Dog Owners

When a child loses a pet it is often their first experience of death. I love the idea of this book which will comfort and help the child understand that their pet is now in dog heaven.

Fairy Dog Heaven is a fun, light-hearted story about what heaven is like for dogs. It will bring comfort to children and adults alike dealing with the loss of a pet. 

A small cuddly toy would also make a lovely, comforting gift for a small child.

Just allow the person to talk about his or her dog if they feel that they want to. Ask questions and call the dog by his name, even if you never met him.

When you have lost a dog you want everyone to know how special he was and talking really helps.

Try to recollect good times that the person shared with their dog, it’s so important to remember the happy times.

I hope you find this article helpful.



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