How To House Train A Puppy Quickly and Simply

How To House Train A Puppy Quickly and Simply

When you welcome a new puppy to your home the chances are, he won’t be house trained.

The first thing you will notice is that puppies urinate … A Lot!!

Here are 10 simple steps to house train a puppy quickly. If you stick to the steps your puppy will soon learn to go outside when he needs to urinate or defecate. There is also a helpful guide to effectively remove pet urine stains permanently.

It will take Time, Patience and Consistency.

Don’t expect results overnight, however, puppies are keen to learn and eager to please at this stage of their life. Take the time to bond with your pup. understand how his brain works and keep to a strict schedule.

Above all, make learning fun for your dog!

House Train A Puppy Quickly

First Of All, Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Puppies Toilet Habits

1 A puppy will usually need to need to urinate within fifteen minutes of eating and defecate within half an hour.

2 A young puppy will need to urinate at least every two hours.

3 Puppies naturally empty their bladders when they are excited, so take them outside when you return to the house or a friend visits.

4 A puppy can hold his bladder for longer if he is asleep, but it is advisable to take the puppy outside once during the night.

5 A puppy can hold his bladder as long as his age in months, plus one. For example, a four-month old puppy should be able to hold for five hours.

6 Puppies defecate from one to five times per day depending on age, breed, etc

7 As they get older dogs can hold their bladder for much longer.

house train a puppy

10 Steps  To House Train A Puppy Quickly and Simply

1 Make sure that you book some time off when you bring your puppy home.

House Train A Puppy Quickly

This will be his first time away from his mother and littermates. He may feel a little anxious and will look to you for protection and guidance. When a bond has been formed between you and your dog he will naturally want to please you and you will house train your puppy quickly.2 Set a routine and stick to it.

2.Install a Routine

puppy training

Try to stick to regular mealtimes and bedtimes to give the dog structure to his day. Dog’s like routine and will soon fit into your daily life if he knows what to expect.

3 Take your puppy outside as soon as he wakes up in the morning and last thing at night.

When the puppy wakes his bladder will be full so this is the very best time to take him outside.

4 Do the same straight after each meal.

A dog will usually empty his bowels after eating. To make sure that you house train your puppy quickly take him outside half an hour after each meal.

5 If you see your puppy sniffing or turning around in circles, pick him up immediately and take him outside.

It’s important to watch your dog’s body language. You will soon recognise the signs!

puppy training

6 Place puppy pads around the house. Once he has the hang of using the pad, move it closer to the door and eventually outside.

Puppy pads or newspaper are a great way to housetrain your puppy. Take the pup to the pad every half an hour and stay with him for a couple of minutes. When the puppy uses the pad, praise him and take the used pad outside. Leave this pad in the part of the garden you want your puppy to use to toilet.

If you are using a crate place a folded puppy pad in the corner, away from the puppy’s sleeping area.

If you spot your puppy going into a stooping position or starting to urinate inside the house, pick him up and place him on the pad to finish.

Puppy pads are super absorbent and will make cleaning away pet stains so much easier.

It is important to not overuse puppy pads. They should be an aid to house training and not used as a permanent solution. Always take the dog outside whenever possible.

7 Praise the puppy when he urinates in the correct place and offer a treat.

Go absolutely crazy with praise, make sure the puppy knows what makes you really happy.

House Train A Puppy Quickly

8 Don’t be angry with the puppy if he urinates inside, simply pick him up and take him outside.

A puppy will not learn from negative signals, simply ignore bad behaviour and praise him when he does something good.

9 Clean up accidents efficiently, so that the puppy isn’t tempted to return to that spot.

House Train A Puppy Quickly

Enzymes are left in carpets after soiling which attract the dog back to that spot. Take care to remove any trace of urine.

This is a product I have used for years and personally recommend. I love the attached brush so that it can be used easily and smells lovely.


Per Stain and Odour Remover


10 Be consistent and make sure that everyone in the household adheres to the housetraining routine.

Puppy Training

It is really important that everyone in the family reacts in the same way. If just one person chastises an accident or doesn’t follow the training routine, the puppy will be completely confused.

What’s The Word?

Think of one word to use for when the puppy is defecating and urinating. This could be something like ‘wee-wee’s’ , ‘be quick’ or ‘toilet time’. Use the word when the pup is actually doing the deed, so he learns to connect the word with the activity. This way, the puppy will recognise the prompt and your puppy will be house trained quickly.

Choose a ‘Potty Area’ in your garden

Have a designated ‘potty area’ in the garden when you take your dog outside. Your puppy will pick up the familiar scent of urine and remember what to do. Pick a small area that is not visited by other dogs. Stand close to your dog and use the word command that you have chosen. Don’t play with the dog, he will become distracted, and forget why he is there.


Use good quality puppy food and stick to the same brand to avoid diarrhea.

Always feed at the same times each day and give exactly the same amount. Overfeeding can cause tummy upsets, so stay with the required amount.

Keep a written note of exact feeding times if several members of the family will be doing this task.

If the puppy doesn’t finish his meal take the dish away. Grazing on food will make house training harder.

House Train A Puppy Quickly

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Don’t Punish Accidents

When the puppy urinates inside don’t shout or let the puppy understand that you are angry. This will only make your puppy associate toileting with negativity. He could become scared of urinating and try to hide where he goes.

The thing to do is calmly take the puppy outside, then clean up the pet stain without any fuss.

However when the pup toilets outside or on the puppy pad make him know you are the happiest dog parent ever!

Dogs love to please, so they will want to produce this reaction again and again.

Crate Training

A great way to house train a puppy quickly is to use a crate. Most dogs will avoid urinating close to the area in which they sleep. Therefore a crate is extremely useful, as long as you remove the pup from the crate at regular intervals (ie less than two hours). As soon as you remove your puppy from his crate, take him straight outside to urinate and praise highly when he does so.

Crate training is a great way to give your puppy a safe, secure place all of his own. Some dogs love the security of a crate and it is somewhere safe to leave your pet when you are not home.

However, a crate must be introduced correctly and never used as a punishment.

You can learn how to crate train your dog by reading this article

The Six Golden Rules Of Crate Training

You will need to get up in the night to let your puppy outside if you want to avoid accidents inside the crate.

Install A Safety Gate

If you find that crate training doesn’t suit your dog a safety gate is a great alternative. By using a safety gate you can keep the puppy safely in one or two rooms of the house. This means that you can make the areas completely puppy safe and when he does have accidents, you will easily find them!

As your puppy’s house training progresses you will be able to increase his freedom in the house and eventually dispose of the safety gate completely.

Cleaning Pet Urine Stains Effectively

It is essential that you clean pet stains effectively so that the dog is not drawn to the same spot again. However, you need your cleaning products to be non-toxic and pet-friendly.

These articles show you how to remove pet urine stains effectively and permanently using completely natural products. They are non-toxic, inexpensive and you probably already have them in your store cupboard.

How To Remove Pet Urine Stains Permanently.

How To Use Natural Pet Cleaning Solutions Around The Home

Don’t use any ammonia-based cleaning products. This will smell like urine to your puppy and he will think it is ok to urinate all over the house!

Scent Marking

As the dog matures he may have a tendency to scent mark in the house. This is a separate issue to house training but important to understand, especially if you have an intact, male dog.

Understanding Scent Marking

Here Are Some Puppy Training Essentials

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house training essentials

Puppy Pads

Puppy Crate

Puppy Gate

White Vinegar

Bicarbonate of Soda

That should be everything you need to know to house train your puppy quickly and simply.

Good Luck and Thank You For Reading.

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