How To Make A Dog’s Coat Shine

How To Make A Dog’s Coat Shine

I love to see a dog with a glossy, shiny coat. I think it’s a sign that the dog is healthy and well cared for.

Here is a list of the best ways to achieve this :

Make A Dog's Coat Shine


 1. A Good Quality Feeding Programme literally shines out from your dog.

Always check that your dog’s daily food is rich in protein (ie chicken, turkey, beef or lamb). When you check the brand ingredients on the food label protein should be the first on the list.

Make sure that the food has a low quantity of grains and preservatives.

Here is a list of Superfoods For Dogs which you can use to improve the diet even more and will help to achieve that glossy shine.

2. Add Omega 3 Fatty Acids To Your Dog’s Diet To Make Your Dog’s Coat Shine

Add a little oily fish or a supplement to nourish the skin cells and improve dryness or itchy patches. Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties which help if your dog has allergies or other skin conditions.

It is important to only add small quantities of oily fish to start with because it can cause diarrhea.

Examples of oily fish:





Flaxseeds and Cod liver Oil is also a great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid.

3. Coconut Oil

Here is an article about the benefits of Coconut Oil for your dog. It can be added to food  or massaged directly into the coat to give a lovely, glossy shine. It is 100% organic and has many health benefits for your dog.

I have a dachshund who suffers from bald patches on his tummy and the tips of his ears. Coconut oil has really helped with the fur growth and his coat is healthy and glossy.

The article has recipes for really easy Coconut Oil Dog Treats

Make A Dog's Coat Shine


 Daily Grooming

 Brushing your dog every day will not only stop the coat from getting matted or tangled,  it will also give the coat a great shine.

Here are some grooming tips which will help to keep your dog’s coat in tip-top condition.

 Use good quality grooming tools specific to the breed and type of coat.

 If your dog has a long coat use a de-shedding tool to remove all the loose, damaged fur.

Check for ticks and fleas so that they can be treated straight away.

Look out for abnormalities when you groom your dog. If you spot lumps, rashes and sores on the skin, consult your vet for an early diagnosis.

Does your dog have scaly skin, dandruff or a greasy coat? This is a condition called Seborrhea.



If you want to achieve a shiny dog coat you may need to bath your dog less frequently. The reason is that bathing strips the coat of essential oils needed to keep the coat looking healthy.

Try to restrict regular baths to just one per month and use good quality dog shampoo and conditioners which are made from natural products.

Make sure you rinse the fur really well after bathing. Any residue will leave the coat dull and lifeless.

If your dog has itchy skin or allergies an oatmeal bath will soothe the skin and add shine to the coat.

Add a final rinse of alcohol-free beer to the fur, leave for five minutes then rinse thoroughly to get the coat to really shine.

If your dog is a dirt magnet a dry shampoo can work well instead of a bath.

Find out how to make your own in this article:

Home Made Dry Dog Shampoo And Grooming Tips

How To Make A Dog's Coat Shine


General Health

If your dog’s general health isn’t good it will show in a lacklustre coat.

Noticing that your dog’s coat is dull may be the first sign that your dog is unwell.

Look out for signs of tiredness, reduced appetite, and behavioural changes if your dog’s fur changes texture, becomes dry or brittle and lacks shine. It might be a sign that your dog needs to be seen by a vet.

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