Flora Air by Janice Cairns


 Flora Air by Janice Cairns

Today is my turn on the blog tour for Flora Air by Janice Cairns. There is a giveaway to win a copy of the book at the end of this page. Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources and the author for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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Flora Air 

Flora Air is passionate about writing and she dreams of becoming an author, but she’s in a fog with her mundane day job. She meets a charismatic professor who nurtures her writing and suddenly her dreams seem possible. A touch of magic at the professor’s home adds old-fashioned charm and enchantment to Flora’s writing journey. When she realises she loves the married professor, her journey takes a wild turn. Can Flora actually succeed in becoming an author? What happens to the love Flora Air feels for the professor?

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My Thoughts

This is a simple, yet charming story set in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. The book is written with the main character Flora Air as the narrator. She tells her story as if she is writing a diary or confiding in a close friend. The cover and tone of the book lead me to think that this was a historical novel, however it was actually set in the present day.

Flora has two dreams. The first is to become a successful author, the second is to find ‘The One’. When she meets Professor Oliver Jolly he befriends her and  Flora jumps at the chance to gain advice and improve her manuscript. As time passes Flora sees Oliver as a romantic prospect as well as a mentor. Could it be that she has finally fulfilled both of her dreams?

Flora was fully aware that Oliver was married yet she was eager to accept his invitations. I felt she was blinkered to everything except the professor, his lifestyle and perfecting her writing skills. Although Flora was a mature lady going through the menopause her idealistic tendencies were more fitting of a much younger woman.

The Scottish setting was portrayed well, especially the descriptions of Edinburgh Castle and its surrounding area. The touch of magic, which is mentioned in the book description, was well written and added mystical romance to the story.


Author Bio

Janice Cairns is the author of quality romantic fiction.  For more than thirty years she has lived in Edinburgh and her first three novels are set there.  She now lives in a historic market town not far from Edinburgh.  Most of her time is spent writing or thinking about writing.  She loves long country walks, reading good books and eating out in lovely restaurants.







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