Daily Routine To Help Separation Anxiety in Dogs


Benefits of A Daily Routine For Your Dog

Have you noticed that dogs are creatures of habit?

They have inner clocks which tell them when it is time to be fed, walked or it’s time for bed. Any owner who accidentally lapses from this daily routine will be met by the infamous fixed stare of indignation. This stare usually results in owners leaping towards the lead or food bowl feeling like a scolded five-year-old.

Dogs get tremendous security from a daily routine. They are able to relax if they know what is about to happen. Some dogs can become very anxious if there is no structure to their day and this can lead to unwanted behaviour patterns.

This daily routine can be frustrating at times. It’s very difficult for owners to live their lives around their pet’s strict feeding and exercise schedule.

However, for a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, a routine can be extremely helpful.

daily routine for separation anxiety

We all have to leave our dogs at home for short periods throughout the day. It could be work commitments, doctors appointments, grocery shopping or visiting relatives. By implementing a schedule the dog will soon learn that there will be times when his owner leaves the house, but more importantly that he or she always returns too!

All owners give structure to their dog’s day without even realising it. It’s obvious that the dog needs to empty his bladder first thing in the morning usually closely followed by the first meal of the day and a morning walk. This alone gives the dog a feeling of security, he knows what is coming next and he is happy with that.

How A Daily Routine Can Help With Separation Anxiety

Here are a few tips which will help your dog if he feels stressed when you leave the house. The key is to make these suggestions part of your daily routine and be consistent, which will make the dog feel secure.

1. It is a good idea to always exercise your dog just before you leave the house. A tired chilled out dog is less likely to suffer from separation anxiety and will simply settle down for a well-earned nap.

2 When training puppies teach them that your absence is no cause for anxiety by leaving for short periods and increasing steadily. The dog must understand that it is normal for you to come and go throughout the day and no reason for him to become stressed.

3 Refrain from making a fuss of the dog when you leave or return no matter how tempting it is! By quietly coming and going, you will demonstrate to the dog that your actions are not significant and he should remain in a calm, relaxed state.

4  Always offer a delicious treat just before you leave the house, for example, an interactive dog toy filled with a delicious treat. Use a high quality, durable toy which can’t be destroyed or be a potential choking hazard.

5 If you leave the dog with a dogsitter make sure that they are aware of the normal routine. Ask them to adhere to it whenever possible to prevent the dog from getting stressed.

Another reason that routine is important in a dog’s life is that the owner will very quickly notice if something is wrong with the dog. A sick dog will be less eager for his regular walk or take a nap when he normally wants to play. The owner will quickly detect illness or injury and can act before the problem gets worse.

Recommended Interactive Dog Toys


I use Bob-A-Lot Dog Toy to keep my dogs amused when I am away from home. It dispenses treats through holes which can be adjusted to make it harder for the dog. Keeping the dog’s brain active is crucial to prevent separation anxiety surfacing.

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Does your dog have a normal daily routine?

Does he get stressed when his routine is changed?

Please let me know in the comments.

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