The Things We Left Unsaid by Emma Kennedy

The Things We Left Unsaid by Emma Kennedy

Rachel’s relationship with her mother, Eleanor, has always been far from perfect. Eleanor is a renowned artist born from the swinging sixties, and Rachel has forever lived in the shadow of her success.

When Rachel is left by her fiancé on the morning of their wedding she has no choice but to move back into her family home and spend an unbearably hot summer with a mother she feels distant from – in the presence of many painful memories.

It will take another turn of events before Rachel realises that sometimes the past holds exactly the comfort we need. And that behind the words left unsaid are untold stories that have the power to define us.

Imbued with warmth and full of characters who will steal your heart, THE THINGS WE LEFT UNSAID is a radiant novel in which past and present collide with life-affirming consequences.

The Things We Left Unsaid

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My Thoughts on The Things We Left Unsaid

I’m a fan of Emma Kennedy’s writing so I couldn’t wait to read The Things We Left Unsaid.

Actually, the title sums the book up beautifully. It’s about taking nothing for granted and taking the time to connect with loved ones. I found this thought-provoking and it made me change the way I view my relationships.

The main characters are Eleanor, a renowned artist and her daughter Rachel. It is written in dual timelines of “then” and “now” and from both characters point of view. I didn’t find this confusing, in fact, I loved the flow of the story.

Both women are going through heartbreak, however, they don’t reach out to each other even though they are living under the same roof. Their relationship is strained, awkward and I felt that Rachel felt intimidated by her mother’s success. As an artist herself she feels that she could never live up to her mother’s huge talent. Rachel finds great comfort in her aunt Agnes, who brings terrific light to the story. She is everything her sister Eleanor isn’t and an absolute rock for Rachel. There’s a wonderful feeling of mystery, which really keeps the pages turning and kept me truly captivated.

It’s hard to say more without giving anything away and this story is far too good to spoil. It’s about love and loss, relationships, secrets, and revelations. I loved everything about it and highly recommend.

Thank you Cornerstone Digital for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

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