Mr Dog and a Hedge Called Hog by Ben Fogle

Mr Dog and a Hedge Called Hog by Ben Fogle

Inspired by his real-life animal experiences…

Co-written with best-selling children’s author Steve Cole and illustrated throughout with beautiful black and white illustrations by Nikolas Ilic.

You can always count on Mr Dog to help an animal in trouble…

Mr Dog has travelled north for an island escapade. But when a local hedgehog problem seems set to threaten his new friend, Hog, he knows he’ll have to act quickly to save his prickly companion…

Mr Dog and a Hedge called Hog

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My Thoughts

Back in June, I reviewed (and loved) a children’s picture book by TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle.

My review can be read here:

Mr Dog and the Seal Deal

It is a great story which teaches children about the dangers of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans.

Mr Dog and a Hedge called Hog

This time Mr. Dog is taking part in a different adventure. He travels north as a stowaway, and whilst hiding in a crate he discovers that hedgehog hunts are taking place on the Isle of Evan.Mr Dog is always up for an adventure, especially if it involves helping other animals. Along with his spiky friend Hog, he sets himself a task to find out why the innocent creatures are so unwelcome on the island. However, first Mr Dog and his adorable new friend must outwit a pack of hunting hounds!

I can’t really recommend this series of books highly enough. Mr Dog is gentlemanly and charming, displaying kindness, especially to animals in danger. The books are exciting, suspenseful, funny and informative with beautiful illustrations to bring the story to life. Children will learn the importance of preserving wildlife and that kindness always prevails. As an adult, it is an absolute joy to read, and this book will be a bedtime favourite for so many children.

Ben Fogle has added a sweet little chapter at the end of the book which explains how we should all take care of our hedgehogs (just like Mr Dog did!).

Thank you for reading.

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