What Is Heat Stroke in Dogs?

Heat Stroke in Dogs

Symptoms and Prevention

When outside temperatures are high it is important to keep a watchful eye on our dogs. This includes looking out for the symptoms of heat stroke in dogs and also ways to prevent it.

When we feel hot and sticky just imagine how it feels to be wearing a permanent fur coat!

heat stroke in dogs

In addition, dogs cannot control their body temperature in the same way as humans can. We are covered in sweat glands whereas dogs only sweat through their paws and nose.

One thing that makes me really angry is when people leave their dogs in cars when the temperature is high.

Please, leave your dog at home everyone.

Also, don’t walk your dog in the heat of the day.

It really is kinder to forego a walk than take the risk of heat stroke and burnt pads from hot concrete footpaths. The ideal situation would be to walk your dog really early in the morning or a few hours after the sun has gone down.

heat stroke in dogs

How To Spot The Signs Of Heat Stroke

We all know that when a dog is hot he pants heavily. However, there are some less obvious signs which you also need to look out for.

Here they are:

Drooling or salivating

Restlessness and agitation.

Vomiting and diarrhea.


Red tongue and dry, pale gums.

Racing pulse.

General body weakness

How To Cool Down A Dog Suffering From Heat Stroke.

If you spot any of the above symptoms in your dog, it is important that you act quickly.

Heatstroke in dogs can be extremely dangerous. The dog’s internal organs can stop functioning and it can lead to fatality.

However, don’t cool the dog too quickly by dowsing him in ice-cold water.

Move the dog to a cool, shaded area.

Use tepid water in a spray bottle or place wet towels on the dog.

Place an electric fan close to the dog.

Encourage a small drink of water.

Consult your vet urgently.

How To Prevent Heat Stroke In Dogs

Always make sure that there is plenty of cool, fresh water available to your dog.

Ensure that there is a shaded area in the garden where your dog can cool off.

Children’s paddling pools are a great way to have some fun with your dog and keep him from overheating too.

Make doggy ice pops by freezing yoghurt in ice cube trays and giving to your dog as a cooling treat.

Keep dogs indoors around the middle of the day, open windows and use a fan to keep the temperature down.

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