The Cherries by D B Carter

The Cherries by D B Carter Today I am thrilled to open the blog tour for The Cherries by D B Carter. Thank you to Anne Cater from Random Things Tours, the author, and Mirador Publishing for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly. When they have broken you, when you have... Continue Reading →

Guide Dogs For The Blind

Guide Dogs For The Blind Today I wanted to highlight one of my favourite dog charities Dogalogue which supports Guide Dogs For the Blind. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to train and support a guide dog? I went to the Official Guide Dogs site to find out this information and this is a... Continue Reading →

German Shepherd Dog Breed (40 Amazing Facts)

 German Shepherd Dog Breed 40 Amazing Facts The German Shepherd is a strong majestic dog with a fascinating history. This amazing breed is known to be highly intelligent and trainable. They make excellent family dogs yet are equally popular as service dogs. Would you like to know more? Hopefully, popular questions will be answered like:... Continue Reading →

The Dog-walking Club by Liz Hinds

The Dog-walking Club by Liz Hinds Today I am taking part in the blog tour for The Dog-walking Club by Liz Hinds. Many thanks to Rachel's Random Resources and the author for a copy of the book The Dog-walking Club Every dog walk brings new drama into the lives of these dogs and their people. A supermarket... Continue Reading →

Deciding To Own A Dog, Finding The Right Time

Deciding To Own A Dog, Finding The Right Time Owning a dog is potentially a fifteen-year commitment It is a massive decision especially if you work long hours, have children, love your holidays abroad and enjoy a hectic social life. In addition, you have to be prepared to make a financial commitment too. Obviously, the... Continue Reading →

‘Lucy’s Law’ Ban on Puppy Farming

'Lucy's Law' Ban on Puppy Farming After years of campaigning, 'Lucy's Law,' ( a ban on puppy and kitten farming), is expected to come into force, in 2020. The law relates to England, however, it is expected to be implemented Nationwide. This will mean that anyone wishing to buy a puppy will have to go... Continue Reading →

Do You Spoil Your Dog?

Do You Spoil Your Dog? We all love our dogs, but are we sometimes guilty of spoiling them? It's so easy to start bad habits because we want to make our dogs happy and feel loved. When a dog gives us unconditional love it is only right that we feel the need to spoil them.... Continue Reading →

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