Simple Solutions: Common Dog Behaviour Problems


Simple Solutions: Dog Behaviour Problems (Separation Anxiety, Bolting Food, Jumping Up)


Here are some Simple Solutions for common dog behaviour problems.

1 Separation Anxiety– Crying when you leave the house.

2 Bolting Food – Eating Too Fast.

3 Jumping Up – Greeting people too enthusiastically.

The solutions are easy to implement but take patience and consistency.

They are all behaviour problems that I have experienced with my own dogs.

I found them really helpful and I hope you do too.


 Separation Anxiety

Does your dog cry when you leave the house?

Does he howl, scratch at the door or become destructive when you are not at home?


Simple Solutions, Dog Behaviour

Simple Solution For Separation Anxiety

You need to take away the dog’s fear of being left.


1 Never make a fuss when you leave or return to your home.

2 Simply walk out of the house after making sure that the dog has all his requirements for when you are gone.

3 Practice walking in and out of the house, ignoring the dog’s behaviour all the time.

4 Make the dog understand that when you leave and return it is no big deal.

5 Start by leaving for just a few minutes then work up to a longer amount of time.

6 Don’t speak to the dog or make eye contact.

7 Remember, no elaborate displays of affection when you leave or enter the house.

.This one sounds harsh but believe me, it works.

Bolting Food

Does your dog clear his dish in less than thirty seconds as if it is his last meal?

Eating too fast is unhealthy for your dog because it can cause digestive problems and bloat.

The dog might also vomit the food back up straight after eating.

Don’t worry this is a common problem with a simple solution.

Simple Solution For Bolting Food

1 Use a slow feeder bowl like the one below. These bowls have ridges or nobbles inside which make it impossible for the dog to eat too quickly. This was an instant fix for our Goldendoodle who cleared his dish within seconds.

2 Hide the food in a specially designed toy with compartments so the dog has to figure out a way to get to the food. This is a great way to keep the dog’s brain active and the dog will have great fun too.

Simpe Solutions: Dog Behaviour

Fun Feeder Dog Bowl             Bob A Lot Toy             Green Dental Chew Treat Ball

3 Divide the dog’s daily food into several small portions and feed throughout the day. The dog will never get too hungry and should eat slower.


Jumping Up

Jumping up is unacceptable because a fully grown dog could push over a child if he does this when he runs to greet them.

Not everyone is a dog lover so you really need to nip this behaviour in the bud.

Puppies can grow into big, strong dogs, so you need to start correcting this behaviour when the dog is very young.

Simple Solutions : Dog Behaviour

Simple Solution To Jumping Up

This takes patience, but it is worth it in the end.

1 If you enter a room and your dog jumps up your body to greet you, simply turn away.

2 Stand with your back to the dog with your arms folded.

3 If he moves around you, turn the other way.

4 Don’t speak to your dog or even give eye contact.

5 Leave the room if the dog continues to jump up

6 Eventually, the dog will get the message that he is not going to get attention from you by jumping up and he will go into a sit position.

7 The second he sits, you need to offer a reward ie a treat.

8 The dog needs to know that he will not get attention until all four feet are on the floor.

9 Eventually, the dog will sit for a treat rather than jump up to demand attention.

You do need to be consistent with this and make sure that every member of the family and potential visitors act in exactly the same way.

Here is how to Train Your Dog To Sit

Top Tip Keep a small container of treats close to the front door to reward the dog as soon as he sits.


Additional Reading

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Understanding Scent Marking is a great article to read if you are having problems with your dog soiling inside the home.


Thank you for reading these Simple Solutions For Dog Behaviour Problems.

I really hope this is helpful.



5 thoughts on “Simple Solutions: Common Dog Behaviour Problems”

  1. great suggestions…I used the techniques for separation anxiety and it did work well for Finn in his puppy training – he was a rescue with so many issues…no damaged pillows or shoes when I returned ! Now he just goes to his napping chair when he sees me take my shopping bag and keys.

    1. Finn is such a lovely character, I’ve watched him grow into a wonderful dog (from afar!).

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