Affordable Dog Beds at Designer Quality

I want to show you some amazing, affordable dog beds today from a company called Bunty.

I like really good quality items for my dogs but I won’t pay extortionate prices. This company seems to tick all the boxes when it comes to quality and price.

There is a whole range of pet products but today I just wanted to concentrate on their range of dog beds.

I’m impressed that the products have a luxurious, ‘designer’ feel but without the price tag!

There is a new bed for every dog in this fabulous range.

I hope you like them as much as I do!


First, let’s start with this gorgeous dog bed, which has a reduced price today.

If you are looking for a durable, washable and affordable dog bed, this might be just right for you.

Affordable Dog Beds from Bunty

I think these look so comfortable. They are available in four sizes and as you can see four lovely colours. This is a super hard wearing bed which is also waterproof.

I actually can’t believe this, the price starts at £15.99.

Next, I wanted to show you something that you don’t often see

A corner dog bed.


Affordable Dog Beds from Bunty

If you have a large dog you will know just how much floor space a large dog bed takes up. With these, you can fit them away in a corner and save loads of floor space.

I’m a little clumsy and am constantly tripping over the dog’s beds. I just thought this would be so good if you have a small living space.

There is a 4-inch foam base, so again. so comfortable for your dog.

Affordable Dog Beds from Bunty


If you have a senior dog like me. you’ll know that it is important to keep them warm. This elevated dog bed means that the dog won’t be sleeping on cold flooring or close to nasty draughts in winter. This is great if your dog gets stiff joints and the sides are raised so that the dog can’t fall off when he is asleep.


Affordable Dog Beds from Bunty

What could be more luxurious than sleeping on ultra-soft crushed velvet?

(I wish they did this bed in human size!)

They also do this in black crushed velvet. I know this will fit right in with popular home decor too because crushed velvet is everywhere. So why not get a dog bed that fits right in too!

Affordable Dog Beds from Bunty

I think dog beds are usually so boring, don’t you?

These are colourful, practical and affordable dog beds.

I love the bright colours and polka dots.

They have faux fur interiors and nice high sides to make your dog feel secure.



This is a brilliant idea!

A padded car seat that fits perfectly in your car.

Why do I really love this?

The Bunty travel dog car seat can be safely secured to the seat belt, with an additional in-built lead that you can attach to the dog’s harness in case of an accident.

And that’s not all…

This will keep your car seats clean and it has a removable cushion which can be machine washed.

All for £16.99.

Affordable Dog Beds from Bunty

And finally my favourite.

This dog bed is so pretty for small to medium dogs.

If you have a shabby chic, rustic cottage style home, this will fit right in.

The bottom cushion is removable and washable or you can wash the whole bed.

You won’t believe the next bit…

It’s just £12.99

For this quality, that is an incredible bargain.

I hope you like my choice of dog beds from the Bunty range. Their logo, which is seen on the front of the beds gives a real designer feel and the quality is outstanding.

If you are new to Bunty, there is a code to get a further 15% off.

The code is (FIRSTORDER).

Postage is free above £30 and you can send your purchase back if it isn’t exactly what you need.

Thank you for reading.


This post contains affiliate links. 

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  1. So many choices of dog beds these days!
    When I grew up we would live in an apartment. Our beloved German Short-haired Pointer Tara would sleep under the blanket, by my Mom’s feet. And she would day-nap on her own spot on the living room sofa 🙂

    1. Oh lovely memories. Don’t we spoil our dogs these days? My dogs are happy as long as they are close to me xx

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