Paws Canine Choice Food – Review (and an update)

Paws Canine Choice Dog Food – Product Review

I recently changed Darcy’s food and have compiled a product review of Paws Canine Choice, including the ordering process, delivery and if my dog enjoyed the food.

As you know I am always on the lookout for good quality food at a reasonable price. I like to order online, therefore, I can buy in bulk and have the product delivered straight to my door.


Paws Canine Choice

Why Did I Choose Paws?

First of all, the website states that in order to be Paws approved, the food has to be

Meat First

All Natural

Grain Free or Healthy Grains

Balanced carbs

Quality Fats


Paws sell lots of quality brands including James Wellbeloved, Lily’s Kitchen, Forthglade and Finer By Nature. However, they have their own brand called  Paws Canine Choice food which has been formulated by a vet.

Vet Andrew was frustrated that there was a lack of high quality, meat-rich food that is also extremely good value for money. So he designed one himself.

The second thing that caught my eye was this statement

“You feed a shelter dog a healthy meal with every Paws order”

As you know I have worked with rescue shelters in the past both as a home checker and foster mum. It’s a constant struggle to feed the animals in rescue so I thought this charitable donation by Paws will make a massive difference.

I know that rescue centres get donations of food from kind members of the public but it can be low quality and this can cause the dogs to have stomach upsets. So I know that the homeless dogs would really benefit from such quality ingredients

Paws Canine Choice


You can join the Chow Down Challenge by sending a video of your dog enjoying his food to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtag #BuyFoodGiveFood and @Paws. tag 3 friends and a shelter dog will be fed on your behalf.

So far, 117,214 shelter dogs have received a meal, but their target is to give 250, 000 meals this summer.

Product Review of Paws, Canine Choice

Paws Canine Choice



The website is really easy to use and I was steered to the Chicken, Sweet Potato and Apple flavour in adult, small dog after adding a few details about Darcy’s breed, age etc

As you can see on the packaging the food is 60% chicken and 40% Fruit, Vegetables, natural botanicals and healthy fats with 0% Grain and Gluten. It is also hypoallergenic which is important to me because Darcy suffers from allergies.

I paid £31.49 for 10kg and because my order was over £25 postage and packaging was free.

You can test the brand at discounted cost with trial bags for £3.49 (1.5kg)


Paws Canine Choice

They do a subscription service called Build A Box, where they put together a range of products recommended specifically for your dog.

This is what it says on the website

Our experts have crunched the numbers and come up with some great recommendations for your pint-sized pup.

Now it’s time to grab the lead and start filling Darcy’s subscription box. Don’t forget about his ‘good boy’ discount… 10% off everything!


The subscription box details recommended products for your specific dog from a good range of high-quality brands including the Paws Canine Choice brand. There is a good selection of wet and dry foods and super healthy treats.


Paws Canine Choice

The parcel arrived within 3 days as stated, by courier. Inside the box was the food, a leaflet about the brand and a free gift of a mug with a dog on the front, which looks like Darcy!

The leaflet explains how to phase your dog’s new food into the old over a few days.

Delivery was free because my order was over £25

Paws Canine Choice


I was glad to see that the Canine Choice Kibble was small because Darcy only has a small mouth. I have photographed next to a pound coin so that you can get an idea of the size.

One thing I noticed was that the kibble felt more moist to touch than my usual brand, and I hope that meant it was more pleasant to eat.

I phased in the food, as recommended and I’m glad to say that he absolutely loves it. I have had a clean dish every day now for a few weeks. Normally Darcy walks away. leaving a little kibble in his bowl, but this didn’t happen with Paws.

The short video shows that Darcy really enjoyed his new food. (So sorry about the crunching sound!) He hates me being close by when he’s eating, especially holding my phone directly at him. However despite him feeling anxious he continued eating, which shows that he likes it!

This wouldn’t be an accurate review if I didn’t mention poo!

Again Darcy’s bowel movements have been fine and he seems like his usual jolly self.


An easy to use website with recommendations from vets that I felt like I could trust.

Great quality food which is affordable and trials are available if your dog is prone to stomach upsets or is a picky eater.

Good sound advice, no declarations to transform your dog just solid dietary and nutritional information.

Clear packaging with ingredient details stated boldly on the front not tucked away on the back in microscopic print.

They have a customer service team available which is made up of a veterinary team. There is a phone number available, which I think is really important as well as an email address.

Every purchase is guaranteed to feed a shelter dog. I was so impressed by this and know how much it means to rescue sites. The website contains information about all the shelters where the meals are donated and there are photographs of some homeless dogs too.

I tried hard to find a criticism of the service, delivery, and quality of the food, however, I really couldn’t think of one bad thing to say about Paws. Of course if my opinion changes I will update this post.

Updated Review After Two Months

I had to come back and add to this review because I am actually overjoyed with Paws and wanted to explain why.

In the past, my dogs have had to be persuaded to eat dry dog food. I would add some tinned food to their kibble or some fresh chicken to make it more appetising. Sometimes they would clear their dishes but often they would eat the tinned food and leave the kibble. When I gave them just kibble they looked at me in disgust and sat there waiting for the tasty bits on top. Often, they refused to eat it or got bored and walked away after eating half.

With the Canine Choice, they can’t wait to dive in and I’m finally getting empty bowls, every single time!

When my daughter’s dogs came to stay they refused their own brand and were desperate to steal the Canine Choice. It got so bad that I had to feed them all in separate rooms! My daughter will be ordering from Paws as soon as she needs to stock up.

So what makes Paws different?

Well, obviously I haven’t tried it myself and my dogs can’t tell me but I think it has something to do with the texture of the kibble. I said before that the kibble is more moist to touch than other dry dog food, and I think this may make a huge difference.

When you pick up a handful of Canine Choice it literally sticks to your fingers. It has an almost sticky texture and I think this makes it much more palatable for my dogs to eat. Obviously, the 70% chicken ingredients help too!

Have I seen a difference since ditching the canned food?

Oh my Gosh, YES!

Firstly, their breath is SO much fresher and teeth are definitely whiter.

Secondly, bowel movements (sorry). There is less poo, it doesn’t smell so bad and the stools are small and well-formed. My little chihuahua Holly suffers from constipation and would often take a long time to pass a bowel movement. Now she is so much better and she has a right spring in her step (She’s 15)

As always I will keep you updated.

If you really want to do your absolute best for your dog have a look at this post called 10 Ways To Be A Better Dog Owner

I hope you found this product review for Paws Canine Choice helpful.

Thank you for reading.

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