Do You Spoil Your Dog?

Do You Spoil Your Dog?

We all love our dogs, but are we sometimes guilty of spoiling them?

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It’s so easy to start bad habits because we want to make our dogs happy and feel loved. When a dog gives us unconditional love it is only right that we feel the need to spoil them. We want to make our dogs happy and show just how much we love them, but is it really the right thing for our canine friends?

 Could we be putting our dog’s health at risk by offering too many treats?

I’m guilty of this, especially with my older dog, but consequently, the younger one has far too many treats too. Here are a few ways you could be spoiling your dog too much, and some tips to get back on the right track.


Who could resist this (not too subtle) way of asking for a snack?

How we spoil our dogs by giving too many unhealthy snacks

When I cook sausages, I always put one to one side for the dogs to eat later. It is their favourite treat and they know that when they smell sausages cooking, they will get one later.

 There are approximately 250 calories in one sausage.

Most dogs need about 25 to 30 calories per pound per day to maintain their weight.

So, a Miniature Dachshund like Darcy who weighs 10 pounds needs 300 calories maximum

So it is clear that a few slices of sausage is far too many calories for a small dog and it will definitely contribute to weight gain over time. This is not to mention the high fat and salt content and lack of nutrition in this snack.

Do you share a nighttime snack with your dog?

Here are a few popular snacks which we are guilty of enjoying ourselves. Can you honestly say that you are never tempted to share a little of your guilty pleasure with your dog? It is easily done when they stare at you with huge puppy dog eyes.

1 Digestive Biscuit = 71 calories

1 potato crisp = 13 calories

1-inch cube of cheese = 69 calories

1 slice of white bread = 80 calories

1/2 cup of sweet popcorn = 50 calories

1 Cream Cracker = 31 calories

A slice of pepperoni pizza = 298

1 slice of ham = 34 calories

1 banana = 89 calories

25grams of cooked pasta = 90 calories

Obviously, you would only give your dogs tiny amounts of these snacks but you can see how they add up.

A 10-pound dog will only burn approximately 35 calories during a one hour walk

Here are some treats that you can give to your dog in moderation, that won’t contribute to weight gain.

(Only give fruit in small amounts because it can lead to upset stomachs and always remove pips or seeds)



Green Beans








Plain Popcorn



green beans

A cup of green beans is just 40 calories.



Home Made Dog Treat Recipe

This is a low-calorie dog treat that you can make yourself. Make a batch and keep in an airtight container. As well as being tasty and nutritious they are free from preservatives and additives, which are found in shop bought treats

2 cups of pureed turkey and vegetables and 2 cups of wholemeal flour.

Mix the ingredients to form a dough and roll on to a lightly floured surface.

Use a dog paw or bone shaped biscuit cutter to get the required shape.

Bake for 22 mins at 180c.



This will help to keep the dog at a healthy weight, but there are still some ways that you can spoil your dog without affecting his health. In fact, by giving him things that he enjoys, you will probably increase his fitness levels too.


10 Guilt Free Ways To Spoil Your Dog

Here is how you can spoil your dog…guilt free!

1 Give him a massage, you can find out how to do this and how it helps your dog here.

2 Go to a dog park, training class or agility lesson where he can interact and have fun with other dogs.

3 Buy a new interactive toy to keep his mind active.

This is the Bob a Lot Interactive Toy. 


We have had one of these for years, they are durable and a great way to feed your dog whilst exercising the body and brain at the same time.

4 Spend more time with your dog playing games, teaching tricks and practicing obedience. The one thing that dogs love more than anything is to be at his owners side.

5 Go to a beach or remote field where he can run, sniff and play to his heart’s content.

6 Buy him a luxurious, soft bed that will keep him warm and comfortable when he sleeps.

7 Treat him to a new coat. I don’t really like to see dogs dressed in outfits but a raincoat or warm coat will really help keep your dog dry and warm on winter walks.

8 In summer make ice pops for your dog to help keep him cool. Just pop a strawberry or blueberry into an icecube tray with water and keep in the freezer.

9 Make a paw balm to stop his feet cracking in extreme temperatures. You can find lots of recipes online to keep your dog’s pads soft.

10 Coconut oil can be added to food to keep the teeth healthy and massaged into fur to make the dog’s coat really shine. Dogs love the taste too!


Luca loves a grooming session!


How To Spoil Yourself When You Have A Dog You Love More Than Anything

When your dog is your soul mate there are a few things you can do because you are so proud you want to show him off to the world.

1 A Dog Portrait – Why not commission a portrait of your dog that you can hang over the mantlepiece?

2 A Social Media Page – If you are totally crazy about your dog you can open a social media page dedicated to him. Share stories and photographs, progress reports and daily activities. You will meet loads of other dog lovers who want to chat too and share their experiences.

3 Write a Poem. Just write a few words about how your dog makes you feel it doesn’t have to rhyme.

4 Get an Engraving. It’s a nice idea to choose a piece of jewellry or a key ring with the name of your dog engraved into it

I think we need to take responsibility for our dog’s health, and the correct weight is so important. A small delicious treat here and there seems fine, however, dog’s don’t forget and they will expect you to share every time!

Do you spoil your dog (like me) or do you have ideas for low-calorie dog snacks?

Thank you for reading




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