10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers


10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers

One of my favourite genre’s of books is Psychological Thrillers. I love how involved you can get in the storylines and the hours just fly by. In this post, I wanted to discuss why I love twisty, crime thrillers and make a list of some recent ones which I have read and enjoyed.

10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers

10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers

1 We all love a puzzle, right?

What is more satisfying than working out whodunnit? That is unless it is glaringly obvious, then it is just downright annoying and you feel like you have wasted four hours of your life.

2 There’s Nothing Like A Good Twist

One of the things I love about psychological thrillers is that they can completely derail you with a shocking twist. You think you have it all worked out then wham, a twist comes out of nowhere and suddenly the whole plot changes. When this is written well it can make a story so exciting.

3 You Get To See The Inside of A Criminal Mind

Now if you’re an average person like me you don’t get to chat with a serial killer whilst waiting for your coffee order. So, it’s great to delve into a criminal mind and see what makes them act the way that they do.

4 Police Procedurals.

I would love to have gone into the Police Force but unfortunately never had the courage. By reading psychological thrillers you get a great insight into how the police solve crimes, without any of the danger. I also like to explore the dynamics of a team, how they work together and love it when you get to read about their personal lives too.

5 The Intellectual Challenge.

It’s great when a book gets the old brain cells working and a good psychological thriller should do just that. Also, if the books are well researched you can pick up all sorts of information that you wouldn’t normally know about. Some of the plots are harrowing but if the content is informative I don’t mind it being a little graphic.

6 Characters That You Can Relate To

The Psychological Thriller is usually centred around ordinary people who get embroiled in some sort of crime situation. This means that we can relate to the characters and envisage ourselves in similar circumstances.

7 A Satisfying Conclusion

Usually, all the loose ends are tied up nicely at the end of the book and the reader is not left scratching their head in confusion. Many are standalone books so there is no need to leave a  tantalising ending to get you to read the next book.

8 The Build Up Of Suspense

I like a book to hit the ground running and steadily build up the pace to an amazing climax. Psychological thrillers let you get to know the characters and location steadily, as you follow the plot. There doesn’t seem to be as much deeply descriptive writing but great dialogue which sets the scene perfectly.

9 Multiple Points of View.

Lately, I have read many books where the chapters are alternated between the victim, criminal and Police perspectives. This can make the plot even more immersive.

10 Cold Cases.

Sometimes a team will investigate an unsolved crime from previous years when they didn’t have the technology that they have today. With improvements in forensics, DNA and the addition of the internet and mobile phones, a crime can be given a different angle completely.

Here are a few Psychological Thrillers I Really Enjoyed

10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers Doll House

Amazon  Description and Purchase Link

I got lost in this book, it was hard to put down and easily one of the best psychological thrillers published last year.”


10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers The Confession

Amazon Description and Purchase Link

I loved this highly original psychological thriller, the pace and plotline were seamless and thought-provoking. I will be keeping my eye out for more from Jo Spain. “

10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers After I've Gone

Amazon Description and Purchase Link

I was desperate to finish the book and find out the conclusion, but bereft that the story had come to an end. It is not often that a book makes you think so deeply about the path your life can take. There are not many books I would describe as ‘unforgettable’ but this is one of them.”


10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers Forget Her Name

Amazon Description and Purchase Link

I sat in a trance, blocking out everything. My mind flitted between theories, suspicions and just when I thought I’d worked it out…..wham, another twist!

10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers The Good Daughter

Amazon Description and Purchase Link

“From the very first chapter, you hit the ground running and the pace stays constant throughout. The ending did not disappoint, the web of intricate storylines fits together beautifully. It is graphic at times but this just makes the characters more compelling and you are swept away with the outstanding storytelling”


10 Things I Love About Psychological Thrillers The Perfect Friend

Amazon Description and Purchase Link

“An epic psychological thriller… you’ll never think of your friends in the same way again! “


What do you love or hate about Psychological Thrillers?

Which books are your favourites in this genre?


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