Men…Let’s Talk Menopause by Ruth Devlin

Men…Let’s Talk Menopause by Ruth Devlin

A comprehensive guide to the female menopause, written for men to help them understand this often perplexing topic. It addresses all the important aspects of the menopause, including the physical, psychological, genito-urinary and long term symptoms that can occur. It gives essential information on options available to cope with those symptoms plus good advice for men (and women!) on practical lifestyle choices. Short and easy to dip in and out of, with humorous illustrations and practical tips for what you can do (and what NOT to say), this is your essential handbook for surviving the change in YOUR life.

Men...Lets Talk Menopause

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My Thoughts

When I read the blurb about this book I was struck by what a fabulous idea it is. However, right from the start, I knew my husband would NOT be on board…and I was right. When I interrupted Bart Simpson to ask him, he couldn’t wait to run off and play with his Xbox. (He’s 55)

Joking aside, there are men out there who would benefit hugely from reading this. Ask your other half to take an hour out of his life to take a look, because it could literally save your marriage.

I’ve been going through the menopause for about four years and counting! My razor sharp memory has vanished, some days I wander around from room to room, unable to remember what I meant to do. I feel anxious all the time and depressed some of the time and my self-confidence is rock bottom. It’s a constant fight to keep the weight off and the hot sweats (flushes/flashes) have been horrendous. However, I have managed to get through it without taking any form of HRT and I’m a little proud of that. With hindsight, if I knew how long it would last, I  would have asked my doctor for some help.

It is so comforting to know that a partner understands and its a relief for everyone to know that, although the effects of the menopause can be huge, it is also extremely normal. Every woman’s’ menopause is different and there is no shame in telling loved ones how you are feeling.

The book is set out in short chapters with bullet points so that the information is concise, easy to read and informative without extensive medical jargon.

It lists the symptoms, both physical and psychological which can occur and there are literally heaps of helpful tips to make this time a little easier. Ruth Devlin lists lifestyle changes, diet and exercise tips as well as a factual guide to HRT and alternative remedies.

At the back of the book, there are lists of recommended further reading which is ideal for anyone who needs extra support and a handy symptom checklist. Then finally the author writes about her quest to demystify and raise awareness of the menopause.

This book is a really useful tool for anyone who is going through the perimenopause or the actual menopause. I love how concise it is and how full of information and links to organisations who can offer help. If you are debating the pros and cons of taking HRT this book will invaluable. Alternatives to HRT are listed, so you may find another remedy, that works for you.

The book is aimed at men but other members of the family can benefit from this information. There really is no need for wives and mums to suffer in silence.

A little kindness and understanding go a long way!

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book, which I have reviewed honestly.

Thank you for reading.


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