Mr Dog and the Seal Deal by Ben Fogle (Book Review)

Mr Dog and the Seal Deal by Ben Fogle

A brand new young fiction series by TV broadcaster and intrepid explorer Ben Fogle, inspired by his real-life animal experiences…

Co-written with best-selling children’s author Steve Cole and illustrated throughout with beautiful black and white illustrations by Nikolas Ilic.

You can always count on Mr Dog to help an animal in trouble…

Mr Dog is spending some time out at sea, riding the waves with the fishermen. But when a local seal goes missing, he has to spring into action – fast… Anchors aweigh!

Mr Dog and the Seal Deal

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My Thoughts

I am always looking for books featuring dogs so when I saw Mr Dog and the Seal Deal  I jumped at the chance to review it. The author Ben Fogle is a well-known tv presenter and when I have seen him being interviewed something always strikes me about him.

I know a dog lover when I see one!

Well, it seems that as well as a fondness for Labradors Mr Fogle also has a massive soft spot for seals too, and he explains why at the end of the book.

There is also a short message from Ben Fogle right at the end of the book which directly asks children to dispose of plastic responsibly.

He says

“We all have to do our bit to help protect these animals and keep our oceans healthy”

___Mr Dog and the Seal Deal

Now. on to the book, which I believe is aimed at children from 7 years onwards. (However, I am considerably older than that and thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mr Dog and his adventures)

The book has a very strong message, it educates children about the huge problem of plastic pollution which is affecting our rivers and sea living animals. The story is not told in a preachy way or a way which will upset young children. It is told as an adventure with an adorable, clever and cheeky dog who has a massive heart and an instinct to help other animals. Children will fall in love with this adorable character and want to read more and consequently, the environmental issue will resonate loud and clear.

The story follows Mr Dog as he meets and helps animals who have been hurt or become entangled or trapped in discarded plastic. Mr Dog doesn’t just want to save the animals, he wants to find out where all this plastic is coming from. When he is told about a much loved elderly seal called Ditzy who has strangely vanished Mr Dog makes it his mission to find him.

The book has delightful black and white images throughout which are sure to delight children and help them engage in the story even more.


Children will adore this cheeky chappie who has a really happy, positive outlook but an inquisitive side which leads him into some exciting adventures.

The writing flows effortlessly, it would be a joy to read to a small child as a storybook because there is plenty to keep adults entertained too. Every school needs a copy of Mr Dog and the Seal Deal and it needs to be on every child’s bookshelf at home too!

As an animal lover myself, and someone who appreciates the importance of beautifully written children’s literature, I just can’t recommend this book highly enough.

There is another book in the series called Mr Dog and the Rabbit Habit and another two Involving ( hedgehogs and foxes) are due to be published in September.

About the Author

Ben Fogle is one of the UK’s leading explorers, adventurers, and broadcasters.

He has presented numerous programmes including the BBC’s Animal Park, Countryfile, and Wild in Africa. Ben is a tireless champion for the natural world and an Ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund and Tusk. He has also recently been appointed United Nations’ Patron for the Wilderness.

Mr Dog is Ben’s first foray into the world of children’s publishing. His own children, Ludo and Iona, are partly responsible for inspiring the books. He is also the author of, amongst others, the bestselling non-fiction titles, Land Rover and Labrador.


Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly. The post contains an Amazon affiliate link.


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