500th Blog Post for Waggy Tales


500th Blog Post for Waggy Tales

I suddenly realised that I have whizzed past my 500th blog post and thought it would be nice to do a little catch-up and thank you to everyone who has supported this blog for over two years.

Luca and Rosie
My daughters dogs Luca the Goldendoodle and Rosie the Cavapoo.

First of all, I have to apologise for the lack of dog related posts lately. Don’t worry I still love my dogs and have things planned for my doggy friends! The reason the blog has been very book heavy in the last three months is that I’m not too well and have just had to stick to book tour commitments which were already in the diary.

What an angel! Darcy mini Dachshund, my rescue dog.

I already spoke about my Vitamin D deficiency so I won’t bore you with that except to say that the recovery is painfully slow! I’ve never been a sun worshipper but now I try to get 20 minutes in the sun daily. In England that is easier said than done, in fact, there hasn’t been a sunny day for about a week. I wonder if cloudy days can boost Vitamin D levels, does anyone know?

Rosie . beautiful inside and out

The dogs are all well, Darcy the dachshund still hates Luca who is ten times bigger than him. Holly is always by my side, even at 4am if I’m unable to sleep. Rosie is an expert at giving bear hugs and Darcy supplies ‘little kisses’ (if he’s in a good mood).

Holly is a Shih tzu and Chihuahua mix, she is fifteen years old and constantly at my side.

Going on holiday with the dogs

Next week we are taking the dogs on holiday. As far as I know, Darcy has never been to the seaside, we adopted him when he was around two years old. It has taken me four years to get to the stage where I feel confident that he will behave well in a different environment.

I am so anxious about taking the dogs, (mainly Darcy because he is so anti-social) but we will all benefit from some sea air. I think that one of the very best sights for a dog lover is to see dogs running free on a beach. Darcy will be on his lead but we can have a little paddle.

Talking of dogs, do any of your dogs have strange habits that you can’t explain?

When Luca visits the first thing he does is pick up Darcy’s bowl in his mouth, he then takes it to the bottom of the garden and leaves it there. Any ideas why?

luca 2
Luca stealing Darcy’s bowl

Here he is on his mission!

I was trying to think of my favourite book since I started blogging but my memory is terrible. These three would be contenders for the top spot.


I have been reading lots of World War II sagas which I really enjoy but there are too many to mention. I would probably recommend Lizzie Page because she adds real-life characters to her novels and the books are so well researched

My favourite book featuring dogs is a children’s book with a very strong message about plastic pollution in our oceans. By an amazing coincidence, the illustrator is a girl I used to childmind many years ago. I have memories of her drawing horses at my kitchen table and now she illustrates books as a career. If you have children who love dogs, this is a great bedtime read.


I loved researching this post which is called  13 dogs Who Look Like Famous People it was such fun to find the dogs and their celebrity lookalikes.


Looking to the future, here are my goals

To get over my reading slump (this is not good for someone who blogs about books)

Survive a holiday with the dogs and husband.

Continue to support the blogging community.

Write another 500 posts!

Thank you for reading, commenting and keeping me from going completely insane, it means the world to me xx


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