Easter Greetings and Waggy Tales Blog is Two Years old!


Easter Greetings and Waggy Tales Blog is Two Years old!

Hello and welcome to a small update on this long holiday weekend. I hope the weather stays warm and you get to spend lots of time reading books and walking dogs.

Here is Mr. Darcy the mini Dachshund rescue dog. In the picture on the right, he is in full ‘hyper’ mode chasing reflections and getting frustrated when he can’t catch one!


Here he is sharing some rays with Luca, my daughter’s dog. We’ve watched Luca grew into a full sized dog here on the Waggy Tales Blog. He was so tiny when he first joined our family back in December 2017


I love this photo of Luca and Rosie, his little sister. Notice how Rosie takes the big bed leaving Luca the much smaller one! Luca has the softest nature and would never dream of asking to sleep in his own bed!

Here’s my Golden Oldie, Holly,  who is 15 now and Rosie the Cavapoo on the right who is such an angel (but always hungry!).

What a difference!

Can you believe this is the same dog, the photographs were taken around a year apart!

Book News

On to book news now, here are just a few of the books I have reviewed and enjoyed so far this year.


And coming up in the next few months are the following.


On 23rd April it will be two years since I started this blog. It is all down to this little fellow, my best friend Alfie who died suddenly and left a great big hole in my life.


I can’t believe that Waggy Tales Blog has 475 posts and now has a sister site called After Eleven Books and Chat  where there are no waggy tails whatsoever!

After Eleven was given the name because I am a night owl, so I am usually around on social media between eleven O’clock and one am (UK time). Eventually, it will become my main Book Blog along with lots of chat about everyday subjects, especially book related.


Waggy Tales will continue to feature articles about dogs and Blog Tours.

Hopefully, there will be something of interest for most people in at least one of the blogs.

Here on Waggy Tales, we have tackled all sorts of dog related problems from shedding, to anxious dogs and loads more. At the moment I am putting together a small series about dogs that have become endangered breeds in the UK.

Over on the After Eleven Blog I have written posts about the lives of famous children’s authors including Enid Blyton and A A Milne. The life of Beatrix Potter will be published in the next few days.

Thank you for joining me on my blogging journey and Happy Easter. Hope the weekend brings sunshine and smiles.

Lou x

Keep those tails wagging!

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! My first is coming up right around the corner, and it choked me up to see your beloved Alfie inspired your blog because a fur baby inspired me, too. I loved seeing all your adorable pups and will be following your other blog now too! ♥️

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Jennifer and Happy Blogversary to you. I found the blog a lifesaver at times hope you find comfort too xx

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