Furminator Product Review, Dog De-Shedding

Furminator Product Review

The Problem of Shedding in Dogs

One of the most asked questions regarding dogs is about the amount of shedding of fur there is for each breed. Dogs are often sold as being ‘non-shedders’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ but in actual fact, you can never guarantee this.

My daughter was told that her Goldendoodle would be a very low shedder but in actual fact the opposite is true. Luca’s fur gets everywhere including carpets, clothes and bed linen. As well as all the extra housework, the fur in the environment has made allergies far worse, and it is a serious situation when health is affected.

After much research, my daughter decided to go ahead and buy the Furminator deShedding tool from Amazon.



Here is what the manufacturer has to say about the product.


Love your pet but not all of their loose hair? Check out the whole line of FURminator solutions!

Furminator(R) deShedding Tool for Dogs

Are you fighting a losing battle with loose hair from shedding?

Dogs always have and always will shed. Dog owners will be in this never ending battle as long as dogs live indoors. Most dog owners will tell you that vacuuming is simply not enough. Large dogs can mean large amounts of loose hair throughout your home.

The following is a completely unbiased, honest review outlining the pros and cons of the Furminator. 

So can this tool really make a difference?




Can it stop allergens which cause coughing, sneezing, chest tightness, and sore eyes?

Can it cut down the amount of vacuuming and dusting which needs to be done with a high shedding dog?

Let’s see for ourselves

Furminator Product Review


Furminator Purchase Link

This is Luca a Goldendoodle aged eighteen months.  His mother is a standard poodle and father is a Golden Retriever. As you can see Luca has a dense, curly, coarse-textured coat. He has regular trims to keep his fur short and a bath every few weeks. The problem is his fur gets everywhere, you can sweep a hardwood floor of fur but it needs doing again a few hours later. The fur seems to congregate under furniture and in corners, which are hard to clean. It seems to cling to clothing, cushions, and blankets, making extra laundry every week. My partner suffers from Asthma and his symptoms get worse when he is around Luca. A recent trip away proved this, because his symptoms disappeared when he was away from home.

We needed to do something because despite the shedding Luca is a very much loved dog. He is perfect for our family and a wonderful companion to our other dog Rosie the Cavapoo (who doesn’t shed). We searched high and low for a solution to this problem. We purchased animal vacuum cleaners and grooming gloves but the problem persisted.

Here the Furminator is being used on a low shedding Cavapoo.

Rosie the Cavapoo was also groomed with the tool and we even tried it on a family dog Joe the Cavachon so that we could see how the Furminator performed on different breeds.

fur on joe
This photo shows the Furminator being used on a Cavachon (Cavalier/Bichon). It was extremely good at combing out loose fur.

So how did The Furminator perform on a high shedding Goldendoodle?

The Furminator did a great job of removing loose fur. The photograph below shows just how much can be removed in a short time. Luca enjoyed the experience and definitely didn’t show any discomfort when the tool was moved through his fur in a combing motion.

The tool was easy to use, the fur could be removed from the device easily and the large one was perfect for this size of dog.

When the Furminator was used on a Cavapoo with tight curls it didn’t remove as much fur but she is a very low shedding dog anyway. It performed well on a Cavachon with long, straight fur.

Using the Furminator made a difference to allergies and my husband noticed that he didn’t have to use his inhaler as much.

Also, the house didn’t need to be vacuumed for a couple of days after Luca had been groomed with the deShedding tool.

I noticed that there was less fur on my clothing, especially a black work suit which previously got covered in fur whenever I wore it.

Here is the amount of fur removed from Luca in a two-minute grooming session.


The Furminator cost £25 plus delivery for the large-sized tool and I chose one specifically for dogs with long fur. The smaller tools which are suitable for smaller dogs work out to be less expensive.

I think the Furminator was well worth the money and I will be looking into buying more products from the range, notably the Furminator Conditioner Range


I did use a conditioning spray after to keep the coat in good condition because I was a little worried that his fur would become dry.

Due to the sheer amount of fur removed I would only groom Luca with this tool once per week.


The Furminator was not good at getting into places like behind the ears and tops of legs where mats are prone to form, so a comb is needed too.


“Definitely worth paying the extra as it does remove a lot more fur than a standard brush”


Furminator Purchase Link from Amazon.com

Thank you for reading.

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