Dating A Dog Lover (The Comprehensive Guide)


Dating A Dog Lover

The Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever fancied someone who is a crazy dog lover?

Here is the definitive guide, with irresistible ideas to impress a dog lover and make him or her love you forever.

I don’t advise that you try ALL the suggestions (because that would seem odd) just try a few to start with and see how things progress.

(In case you are wondering this post is a little tongue in cheek! However, one of these ideas might be just what you need)



Firstly, here is where you need to hang out to meet dog-lovers

1 At the park at 7.30 on a Sunday morning.

2 In the dog food aisle of a supermarket.

3 Outside the local vets/pet shop/dog groomers.

However, act natural, don’t make it too obvious, no-one likes a stalker!

What to say to impress a dog owner

“Do you have a dog?” is a little too obvious.

Maybe, ask the dogs name or breed, You could say that you know someone who has a dog that looks very similar.

Try to start a conversation, dog lovers like to talk about their pets.

Once you know the dog’s name, memorise it and include it in every conversation.

Occupations and Hobbies to Impress a Dog Lover

A dog lover will be attracted to you more if you are one of the following:-

1 A vet or veterinary nurse.

2 A volunteer at the local dog shelter

3 A fundraiser for an animal charity

4 A dog sitter

5 A butcher

6 An athlete

7 An animal rights supporter

8 A farmer

9 A dog groomer

10 A dog trainer

If you are not already doing one of the above jobs, start training immediately.

Ways To Get A Dog Lover’s Attention.

1 Attend a party dressed as Scooby Doo (it doesn’t have to be fancy dress) this is a good conversation starter.

2 Become a Mastermind. Find out what breed of dog your potential partner has, then spend a whole weekend researching everything about the breed. He/she will be so impressed with your ‘fun facts’.

3 Accidentally drop a puppy pic from your purse or wallet. Have a suitable sob story lined up like how the dog manages to run on three legs, or how he saved you from drowning.

Things NOT to say to impress a dog lover

1 That you have a cat.

2 That you have a cleanliness obsession.

3 That you like to go on long, exotic holidays to foreign countries.

4 That you have allergies

5 That you hate the countryside.

Where to suggest for a first date

1 Birdwatching

2 A picnic

3 Rambling

Ok, they are not very exciting but the good news is that the dog can come along too and that will get loads of Brownie points!

Tip For the picnic have some delicious organic home-baked goodies with no additives and low in sugar (These are for the dog, not the owner!)

Lastly, why choose someone who loves dogs?

Well, this is obvious. because dogs are just amazing!

However, there are some other good reasons too.

1 Dog lovers are loyal, friendly and caring (just like their pets)

2 You need a good sense of humour to go outside when its -10 degrees, to pick up poo!

3 Most dog lovers walk for miles every day, so they must be F.I.T.

4 A dog lover won’t be put off by smelly breath, body hair or incontinence, so that’s a definite winner!

So, there you have the definitive guide to impress a dog lover. With Valentine’s day approaching why not try out some of the suggestions straight away!

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Best of Luck xx


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