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My Top Dog Portraits from Pinterest


My Top Dog Portraits

My Pinterest board of Dog Art is my most popular board. So today I am going to share with you my 10 top dog portraits or sketches featuring dogs.

I would like to share this amazing talent from Pinterest.

I have tried to trace the dog portraits back to the original artist or website wherever possible and provided links.

What do you like about a dog painting?

For me, the dog has to look happy, I can’t bear to see dogs looking sad. The art must be good but I look for something extra in the dog’s expression. Action pictures are popular with me personally, especially on a beach or in beautiful countryside.

These are the most popular pins on my Pinterest board.

Carole Rodrigue Fine Art

10. Harley by Carole Rodrigue Oil ~ I couldn’t find a dog breed for this dog but he looks a very happy and handsome chap.

Sarah Stribbling Wildlife Art

9 Now, this looks like one mischievous pup! I can understand why this portrait is popular because it has the cute factor as well as being a fantastic artwork.

Marion Tubiana

8 Again, I’m not sure of the dog breed but a handsome and reflective looking dog with beautiful fine detail and colouring.



Daily Paint Works Daryl West

7 According to the website, this is a dog called Fleur done in coloured pencil.


Laura Hardie

6 This is one of my personal favourites. I love the expression in the Cocker Spaniel’s eyes and the casual way she holds her tennis ball. Laura Hardie is an Edinburgh based artist and this portrait was done in coloured pencil.


George Dyachenko

5 I was blown away by some of the paintings on this Russian artists site. This dachshund puppy has been painted in watercolour. This looks just like my dachshund Darcy when he is asking for a treat, and I adore those wrinkly legs!


4 This Dalmatian painting is just so majestic, I can understand why the portrait is so popular.

Design Stack Blog

3 This pin originates to a blog called Design Stack. This Cavalier puppy called Lilly was drawn by Angie Hedgecock (

Springer Spaniel Painting by Hazel Morgan

2 This oil painting is so popular on Pinterest. I like to think that the Springer Spaniel has just been for a long walk and is just about to fall into a deep sleep.

Mark Whittaker Pet Portrait and Wildlife Artist

1 This is the most pinned dog portrait from my Dog Art board on Pinterest. It is the most beautiful pastel painting of a Golden Retriever. Mark Whittaker is a Welsh artist who specialises in fine detail pastels. I had a look through his website and all his paintings are stunning.

My Personal Favourite

This was so hard to choose but I narrowed it down to two portraits done by the same artist, D J Rogers from the United States

Watercolour Artist D J Rogers

These watercolours epitomise everything I love, firstly dogs (especially dachshunds) and the sea. In addition, the dogs are running free and look like they are having the best time. My dachshund chases birds with exactly the same dogged determination that this one is showing.

Here are a few dog portrait prints which are available to purchase from Amazon (with affiliate links below) These are all the work of LA Shepard. There are loads of different breeds to choose from, I think they are stunning.

Olde English Sheepdog

Yorkshire Terrier

Labrador Retriever


Do you have a favourite dog portrait or artist? I would really love to know all about them.

There are over 3000 dog portraits on my Dog Art board on Pinterest. Please feel free to take a look through the most amazing artwork. I also have a dog group board which is open for collaborators if you would like to join. It is called Waggy Tails Dog Group Board . Just email me at for an invite.


All artists credited as accurately as possible. I am more than happy to change or delete images or descriptions.

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