Meant To Be Kept by Amelia Foster

 Meant To Be Kept by Amelia Foster

One night. One too many drinks. One mistake. That’s all it took to derail my marriage.

Now, all I can do is beg for a second chance. To try and redeem myself in a bid not to lose the love of my life.

I’m determined to use every second, every moment I have to show my wife how much she means to me—to rebuild the trust I shattered.

But the harder I try, the more I start to realize our marriage had fallen into a routine of complacency and misplaced priorities long before my indiscretion.

Isabelle is a strong, passionate, beautiful woman—a wife who has sacrificed so much for me. I just hope it’s not too late for us, and that I’ll be able to convince her that our love is meant to be kept.


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My Thoughts

Meant To Be Kept is a beautiful romance centred around the relationship between Isabelle and Tanner, college sweethearts, best friends, and husband and wife. When Tanner admits an indiscretion Isabelle’s world falls apart and she wonders if she will ever be able to trust her husband again.

The story slips seamlessly between past and present. Past shows how the couple met and fell in love and then the story flips to present day just after Tanner tells Izzy what happened on a drunken night out. Events from Izzy’s past mean that Tanner’s actions were more than a matrimonial betrayal.

Tanner has Isabelle on a pedestal and will do anything to repair their relationship. He sets out to win her back, going to extreme lengths to do so. The strange thing is, that although it was completely Tanner’s fault that the problems arose, I couldn’t help but like him. He showed his complete appreciation of his wife with such thoughtfulness, not showering her in inexpensive gifts, but with true heartfelt declarations of his love.

A must read for all true romantics.

Thank you to the author and Limitless Publishing for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

meant to be

 MEET THE AUTHOR: Amelia Foster
Books, coffee, and chocolate make up both the heart and body mass that is better known as Amelia Foster. She has been a lifelong lover of the written word, both as a reader and an author, and completed her first manuscript at the ripe old age of five complete with illustrations. Sadly, her art was a medium that never improved over time although thankfully her writing has.

From sweet to salacious the only requirement Amelia has in books she reads – and definitely in the ones she crafts – is an excessively satisfying happily ever after… and then a little bit more.

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