Chamomile For Dogs

Chamomile for dogs

We’ve all heard of the amazing calming and healing effects of chamomile tea for humans but did you know that it can be beneficial to dogs too? This post shows 7 incredible ways that chamomile can help your dog. 

It can be used both topically or orally to help mild health conditions and is a natural herb grown throughout the world.

I have debated with the spelling of c(h)amomile so just to clarify, here is an explanation from Twinings Tea Website

Why is there more than one spelling of C(h)amomile?

Its name “Camomile” is also spelled “chamomile” because it derives from the Greek name for this wonderful herb “Khamaimelon” which literally means “earth” “apple” because of its appley aroma.

Camomile (without the h) is the traditional Middle English spelling – when it became popular in the Middle Ages as remedy for sleep, fevers and skin conditions.

Chamomile For Dogs- Caution

Always check with your vet for a diagnosis if you are concerned about a dog’s health condition.

Secondly, be cautious if your dog is prone to allergic reactions. Use a small amount and monitor for a while after you use for the first time.

Chamomile is a natural herb but should be used with caution and never used as a long term solution to a health problem.

Please read other cautions at the bottom of the page.

chamomile for dogs

7 Incredible Ways That Chamomile Can Help Your Dog

1 Anxiety.

I am always very interested to learn of natural ways to help with anxiety in dogs. Chamomile is well known as a mild stress reliever for humans but it can also be used for dogs too. In fact, many products prescribed by vets for anxiety also contain it. Personally, I use chamomile tea to calm a hyperactive rescue dog.

2 Eye Problems

Chamomile is good for easing soreness in dog’s eyes due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The chamomile should be applied by making it into tea and then using the cold teabag as a compression against the affected eye and repeated up to three times per day. If both eyes are affected use a different teabag for each eye to avoid cross infection.

3 Mild Skin infections

It can also be used to treat mild skin infections by applying a used teabag directly or as a rinse after a bath. Make up a teapot full of chamomile tea and allow to cool. Then use as a final rinse after the dog has been washed. Don’t rinse the chamomile from the dog’s coat, just allow to dry naturally or pat gently with a towel. This can be used for insect bites, flea bites and dry itchy skin. It will give the dog some relief from itchiness and help to heal the skin too.

chamomile for dogs

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4 Stomach Problems

Chamomile can be used to help stomach problems in dogs because it helps to relax the muscles in the stomach and bowel. It is used to help gas, vomiting, indigestion or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Dogs who suffer from stomach problems caused by anxiety can be helped with chamomile. Make a strong solution of chamomile tea, allow to cool completely, then give a tablespoonful in a dropper every few hours. Add a little honey when the tea is still hot to improve the taste. Chamomile is thought to be an appetite stimulant so it can be useful to encourage dogs to eat when recovering from a stomach bug.

5 De-wormer

It is thought to repel worms in dogs and has none of the side effects of conventional wormers. Other herbs including garlic are also known to be natural de-wormers.

6 Ear Problems

Mild chamomile tea can be used to clean your dog’s ears or to help with mild ear infections. It has antiseptic, analgesic, sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. Just gently wipe the ear with a used chamomile tea bag, making sure that the ear is dried properly afterward.

7 Mouth Problems

Use to soothe gums or to ease the pain of puppy teething. Simply add a few drops of infused chamomile tea to the dog’s mouth with a dropper.


Grow your own medicine cabinet

Chamomile is easy to grow yourself to guarantee truly organic natural ingredients. Just pluck off the flowers and dry out to use in tea.  For skin problems, the fresh flowers can be infused in hot water and used externally.

German chamomile is the best variety to grow. The plant produces dainty white flowers with a yellow centre in mid to late summer. It can grow prolifically, so use a plant pot container if you don’t want it to invade your flower beds.

Other ways to use Chamomile for dogs

1 Poultice

 Use dried or fresh chamomile to make a poultice to apply to sore skin. Simply wrap in muslin fabric and tie tightly with an elastic band. Allow it to soak in hot water, then squeeze excess moisture out before applying to the area.

In Drinking Water

 Add a chamomile tea infusion to your dog’s water to help aid digestion and calm anxiousness.


At the beginning of this post, I stated that you must always take precautions to check that the dog is not allergic to chamomile and to take veterinary advice for long term conditions.

Reactions are rare, however, I always tend to lean on the side of caution. I would not give chamomile to dogs with the following conditions, without checking first with your vet.

Pregnant bitches

Diabetic dogs

Dogs with Respiratory Conditions.

Thank you for reading. I think that it is important to use natural remedies, where possible, and hope that you find this information useful.

For more natural dog remedies take a look at this post.

chamomile for dogs

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