The Ring of Gilly Wood by Ruth Banister

Today I am thrilled to be taking part in the blog tour for The Ring of Gilly Wood by Ruth Banister.

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for asking me to take part in the tour and for supplying a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

There he is,’ whispered Vixen.

‘It’s true then,’ said Buck Rabbit.

‘He’s just a small mole,’ said Doe Rabbit.

‘He’s not just a mole,’ said Vixen.

A great queen loses a ring. Hundreds of years later a ring slips onto the paw of a young mole. The mole grows to be a wise and trusted leader of Gilly Wood and all the animals that live there. But a great threat is coming. Can one small mole save a whole valley? Mole sets out to do just that with friends he makes along the way and the strange thing on his paw…

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My Review

This is a truly enchanting story of a mole who lives under an old oak tree in Gilly Wood. He meets the other inhabitants of the wood who believe that the baby mole has magical powers. There seems to be an ancient ring attached to Mole’s paw and strange things happen when the little creature says the words ‘As above, so below’. Mole is alone and very young so the old, wise tawny owl takes care of him and shows him around Gilly Wood in a very special way.

Mole and Owl make friends with a little girl called Elizabeth. When a development threatens to destroy the wood the animals and Elizabeth create a plan to keep the wildlife safe.

Children who like nature, animals, and wildlife will love this book. The story is captivating and magical. You are transported into the world of foxes, badgers, rabbits, and birds. It is interesting to see the world through the eyes of a mole who lives underground and an owl who flies over Gilly Wood at night. There are some lovely subtle messages within the story about friendship and an interesting conservation element which will educate children about protecting our countryside.

Highly recommended, for children aged between 8 – 12.


Author Bio – Ruth was born on a hot August day on a farm in Sussex. Her English teacher once made her write a story about wasps after one landed on her during a lesson. She still hates wasps but she loves writing. Ruth now lives in Kent with her family and their strange dog.

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