Eat Less by Jeremy and Georgina Jackson-Sytner


Today I am so happy to join the blog tour for Eat Less by Jeremy and Georgina Jackson-Sytner.

Many thanks to Kelly from Love Books Group for the invitation to join the tour and Urbane Books for a copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly.

The easiest way to lose weight and
keep it off for life
Jeremy and Georgina Jackson-Sytner

Eat Less is a revolutionary book designed
to help people lose weight and maintain a
healthy weight for life.
Eat Less is NOT a diet book. It doesn’t read like a diet book or
look like a diet book. Eat Less is an anti-obesity manifesto.
Eat Less is stuffed with bite-sized nuggets of information on the
benefits of eating less, advice on what to eat less of, and much
more. Informative and motivational, the underlying message is
very serious, but the manner in which it delivers those
messages is never preachy and easily digestible. Eat Less offers
practical advice on the life-changing benefits that simply eating
less food can bring.

 Eat Less really works. The authors are living proof
that the habit-changing lifestyle they set out could
help millions of people easily get to a healthy
weight and maintain it for life.
 Obesity rates have doubled over the past two decades,
and 63% of UK adults are overweight, according to the

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My Review

This really handy sized paperback has been sitting on my kitchen table for a couple of weeks now and I have grabbed every chance I could to devour all the information in quick ten minute snippets and the results are beginning to show.

I loved the orange and black design and the full page graphics with words of wisdom jumping out from every page. It really is the perfect book to pop in your handbag, place next to the fridge and just educate yourself about diet in a really quick and easy way.

The book doesn’t pretend to be the latest miracle cure or something that will change your life. Instead, it teaches how the body works and gives you the information so that you can make better choices.

The book is not preachy, full of medical jargon or recipes for ingredients you have never heard of. It even states that the odd glass of wine is ok, so that certainly gets a massive thumbs up from me!

About The Authors

Following a long career as an advertising creative, Jeremy has turned a lifelong fascination with food, diets and eating into a personal mission.

Eat Less is Jeremy’s and wife Georgina’s impassioned attempt to get people everywhere to think more about what they eat and how they eat.

The inspiration for this book came soon after he lost 2 stone in weight, simply by eating less and removing sugar and grain from his diet.

Georgina is a certified group fitness instructor and runs regular mobile exercise classes in Battersea Park.

Alongside this, she has developed a formula to help individuals lose weight, using a tailored weight loss management service and offering customised eating plans





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