Dog Training Fails, Have You Had Any?

Dog Training Fails

Have you ever patiently trained your dog to do something with catastrophic results?

Sometimes dog training fails can happen because the dog is just so clever and tries to outsmart his owner. The dog may excel at some things but completely fail at others. I have a dog who is well behaved yet has never even mastered the ‘sit’ command.

As owners, we genuinely try our best to train our dogs to be well-behaved pets. However, sometimes with the best will in the world, things can go catastrophically wrong, with rather amusing results…


Here are just a few dog training fails I have heard about

1 Someone told me that they were house training their dog by giving her a treat when she urinated outside. However, the bathroom was right next to the back door. Every time a person used the toilet, the dog would wait outside for her treat!

2 A dog graduated from obedience class but sadly ripped his certificate into tiny shreds when it arrived in the post.

3 A dog knew that his owner would respond without fail if he sat next to the door. When the owner walked towards him, he darted straight to the treat jar instead.



4 I know a dog who is encouraged to go outside and is given a treat when he comes back in. However, he doesn’t understand why he is supposed to go outside and just sits on the step until someone opens the door. He then expects a treat!

5 There was a dog who was trained to offer his paw on command. Unfortunately, the dog took it one step further and held his paw up whilst walking on three legs. This resulted in a costly vet bill!

6 A very clever dog, who lived in a small pack would falsely alert the other dogs to the front door. He would then take the opportunity to secure the best seat next to the fire.

Have you had any dog training fails?




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  1. Referring to number 6 – someone told me their one dog did the same to move their other dog off the favoured dog bed. The owner chuckled every time this happened. Then one day the dog kept barking at the front door, even after the other dog moved. The owner got up to see what was going on, came back and found the dog curled up on his chair…

    1. Ha Ha Love this! Dogs are so clever (when it suits them) I do hope the owner got his chair back! Thank you for dropping by.

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