Top 10 Dog Books

Top 10 Dog Books

I always get excited to read books where the main feature is about dogs. It is always heartwarming to read true life stories of how dogs have helped their partners through times of grief, depression, and loneliness. In addition, dog books are an excellent teaching tool for children who can learn all about trust, loyalty, and courage from their four-legged friends.

These are just a few dog-themed books which I enjoyed last year. They are all very different, so no particular order.

My favourite factual books from 2018 were both written by vets. I love reading fascinating and humorous anecdotes about dogs and these two books are packed full of these.

Noel Fitzpatrick ‘The Supervet’ is an idol of mine and after reading Becoming the Supervet I was even more in awe of the amazing work he does and yet he is such an emotive, humble man.

Malcolm D Welshman’s memoirs An Armful of Animals made me fall in love with Polly the African Grey Parrot and Poucher the African Bush Dog.

I read the book in one sitting, I found the true-life stories fascinating. An Armful of Animals took me back to my childhood, being a massive fan of James Herriot.

Next is a collection of dog-themed poems called  As Good as Gold by Patricia Furstenberg.

As Good As Gold is a lovely, charming collection of thirty-five poems which are written through the eyes of a puppy. I was impressed with the level of imagination Patricia Furstenberg showed in her beautiful writing. It was a sheer pleasure to sit with a four-year-old and see the signs of wonder and recognition on his face. The poems are grouped into Questions, Colours, Musings, and Haiku. They promote conversation with children concerning wildlife, weather and the colours of nature. I think the book would be a great teaching aid in schools and the poems will be adored by dog lovers big and small!

The next are books written by dogs themselves!

I have to applaud any author who can truly get inside the mind of a dog and stay there throughout the whole book. Only a true dog lover could be skilled enough to write this way and when this is done well it makes for a captivating read.

Firstly we have Henry’s Tale by David Pipe, a mischievious Border Terrier who endeavors tirelessly to train his human, Papa. Then there was a more recent review of Bertie’s Gift by Hannah Coates, the story of an adorable beagle puppy who found himself in rescue and estranged from his beloved sister Molly.

Nici’s Christmas Tale by Jean Gill is a magical short story which takes us all the way back to 12th century France.

A story is told by Nici, to his pups of how he grew up to be the guardian of a flock of sheep and his harsh yet brave journey through life.

I had to include For The Love Of A Dog by Amanda Brookfield because it had such a personal impact on me. As no stranger to mental health problems and nanny to a Goldendoodle, this book stood out for me on many levels.

My favourite children’s book based around dogs was Akea, The Power of Destiny written by Elizabeth Jade. A truly enchanting read about a Husky who is drawn to the calling of a lone wolf.

The Power of Dog is the story of author Andrew Marshall and his collie cross dog called Flash. When partner Thom dies Andrew is consumed with grief. He has always dreamed of owning a dog, so looks for a canine companion to help with his depression.

The Power of Dog by Andrew Marshall tells the true memoir of a man lost in grief who is helped by a collie cross puppy called Flash.

Finding Gobi  by Dion Leonard is a book that stole my heart I really wanted to reach inside the pages and give Gobi a massive hug.


In 2016, Dion Leonard, a seasoned ultramarathon runner, unexpectedly stumbled across a little stray dog while competing in a gruelling 155-mile race across the Gobi Desert.


So that is my  Top Ten Dog Books of 2018. Hope you enjoyed reading about them.


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