Vegan Dog Food

via Vegan Dog Food I have been researching this subject and found this article by The Healthy Dog Blog which gives a very balanced, informative account of vegan dog food.

Dog Training Fails, Have You Had Any?

Dog Training Fails Have you ever patiently trained your dog to do something with catastrophic results? Sometimes dog training fails can happen because the dog is just so clever and tries to outsmart his owner. The dog may excel at some things but completely fail at others. I have a dog who is well behaved yet... Continue Reading →

Hero Dogs-Wilma Melville, Paul Lobo (Book Review)#NetGalley @StMartinsPress #HeroDogs

Hero Dogs by Wilma Melville Description The true story of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation by retired physical education teacher Wilma Melville, and the amazing dogs and their handlers that faced off with devastating catastrophes from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina. In 1995, retired physical education teacher Wilma Melville volunteered as a canine search-and-rescue (SAR)... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Dog Books of 2018

Top 10 Dog Books of 2018 I always get excited to read books where the main feature is about dogs. It is always heartwarming to read true life stories of how dogs have helped their partners through times of grief, depression, and loneliness. In addition, dog books are an excellent teaching tool for children who... Continue Reading →

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