The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker


The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker

Today I am happy to join the Blog Tour for The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker. Thank you to the author and Noelle from Bookouture for providing a copy, which I have reviewed honestly.

Her eyes were closed. From a distance the blood around her neck might have looked like a necklace, but up close her body told a different tale. She had been murdered. A tiny songbird lay beside her, its neck broken… 

Detective Tom Fabian‘s past is catching up with him. It has been years since the most high-profile case of his career – when his evidence put infamous serial killer Christopher Wisher behind bars forever. But when Wisher summons a reluctant Fabian to his prison cell to hand over a diary, he realises that Wisher’s twisted games are far from over.

Shortly after Fabian’s visit, Wisher is found dead in his cell. And a few days later, the police find a woman’s body bearing Wisher’s signature, a dead songbird. But the police never released this detail to the public… so who has Wisher been talking to?

Fabian is desperate to find the killer before another innocent life is taken. But as more bodies turn up, Fabian begins to realise that Wisher may have handed him the clues before he died. Is the twisted serial killer still pulling the strings from beyond the grave…?

If you can’t get enough of crime thrillers by Adam Croft or Melinda Leigh, you will love The Songbird Girls

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My Review

I was excited by the cover and book description for this brand new crime thriller by Richard Parker. It is the first book I have read by this author and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

When Detective Fabian gets a request to visit a convicted serial killer he is hesitant, to say the least. However, Fabian feels that the killer could have information on other cold cases which need closure, so he attends and is handed a mysterious looking journal by the killer.

From that moment on things start to happen. Wisher is found dead, then bodies appear with the gruesome signature nearby.

Fabian has a race against time to find the copycat killer and unravel the clues left by the deceased convict.

This is a clever, well thought out crime thriller with plenty of twists, suspense, and multi-layered characters. I have read many books centred around serial killers but this one stands out for its unique plot. There wasn’t too much graphic content, just enough to send a few chills up the spine!

I will definitely be seeking out the previous book in the series and have fingers crossed that Tom Fabian might make another appearance soon.



Author Bio:

Richard Parker was formerly a TV script writer, script editor and producer before turning his hand to penning twisted stand-alone thrillers.


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