Why are you here with me? ..

Why are you here with me?

When there are deserts and oceans to see

Why do you call this place home?

When there are towns and cities to roam

Why do you stay by my side?

When there are ships to sail and planes to ride

What is this magnetic force?

That keeps you here on this course

Why is it this face that you seek

When days seem dark and sky so bleak

There are stars and rainbows out there

Kind faces with memories  to share

Young bodies, minds quick and alert

With eyes that can see, and bones that don’t hurt

They say there’s gold in those hills

Why choose to remain with these bills?

Where age gets harder each day

But still, it’s your choice to stay

Why do you bid me good night?

When it’s time to switch off the light


Kate Hanford

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