For The Love of a Dog by Amanda Brookfield (Book Review) @ABrookfield #NetGalley

For The Love of a Dog by Amanda Brookfield

My ears pricked up when I saw this book on NetGalley, especially when I read in the description that the dog in question was a Goldendoodle. It is written by Amanda Brookfield, a novelist with fifteen fiction Best Sellers under her belt. It is her account of going through a breakdown and against all personal instinct, family advice, and intensive research, she sought out a puppy to help her heal.


It also shows the amazing healing strength of dogs, how they know what you are feeling and are unjudgemental and kind at all times. How they enter your life at just the right time and somehow makes things better.


I have written many blog posts about Luca, my daughter’s Goldendoodle puppy. For anyone who has missed the updates, there is a link to his latest exploits here.

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