The List That Changed My Life by Olivia Beirne

The List That Changed My Life by Olivia Beirne

Sometimes all you need is a little push…
When Georgia’s sister is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she promises to do everything
her older sibling can no longer do, resulting in a journey that will change her life forever…
Georgia loves wine, reality TV and sitting on the sofa after work. She does not love heights,
looking at her bank account, going on dates, or activities that involve a sports bra. And she will
never, ever take a risk.
That is, until her braver, bolder, big sister finds out that she won’t be able to tick off the things
she wanted to do before turning thirty, and turns to Georgia to help her finish her list.
With the birthday just months away, Georgia suddenly has a deadline to learn to grab life with
both hands. Could she be brave enough to take the leap, for her sister?
And how might her own life change if she did?
A hilarious and heart-warming journey of a lifetime, showing us what it means
to really be alive.

The List That Changed my Life

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My Review

In The List that Changed My Life, we meet sisters Georgia and Amy. When Amy is diagnosed with MS just before her thirtieth birthday she asks Georgia to finish off a list of things she wanted to complete herself but became too ill.

Georgia is the least outgoing of the two sisters but she can see how much it means to Amy so she sets about the challenge because she doesn’t want to let her sister down.

It is a warm and witty novel which deals with the subject of how lives are impacted when a serious medical diagnosis is made to a family member. The book starts just as Amy is given the devastating news and I would have liked a little more background story to this. I know the road to a diagnosis of MS is a long, frustrating one, so that would have added more to the story for me.

The book gives a powerful message, not just about chronic illness but also that by stepping out of one’s comfort zone, amazing opportunities can arise. Also, it shows the strength of family love and how life must never be taken for granted.

I found this funny and moving debut novel truly thought-provoking, charming and unique, and look forward to reading more from Olivia Beirne.

Thank you to Anne Cater, NetGalley and Headline Publishing for the tour invite and copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.

About The Author

Olivia Beirne

Olivia Beirne is a 26 year old writer, who previously
worked in casting. She lives in Tulse Hill, London with
her friends and their resident mouse and grew up in
Buckinghamshire. This novel is a standalone debut and
she is currently working on her second novel.

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