Best Bullet Journals, Planners and Layout Accessories

Best Bullet Journals, Planners and Layout Accessories

I have previously talked about my love of journals and stationery items. I’m always on the lookout for bargains to add to my growing stash!

One of my recent blog posts was a book review of The Art of Doodle Words. This shows how you can enhance your handwriting and lettering in the form of creative doodles to make the pages eye-catching.


I know that keeping a journal is extremely therapeutic for many people and a way to unleash the creative side which we don’t often see. For me, I always have a notebook or journal by my side to help me remember things and jot down random thoughts, quotes, people’s names, gift ideas …the list goes on!

You don’t need to be creative if that isn’t your thing, but sometimes just writing down problems and anxieties can help to relieve stress. When I go back and see how I have worried endlessly about trivial things that didn’t even happen, it puts things into perspective.

Some people use their journals for inspiration and motivation. It’s great to jot down ideas about people and places that inspire you. Lifestyle quotes are hugely popular in journals and planners.

They can also be used to create targets, gather statistics, celebrate productivity and motivate to achieve goals.

The aim of a bullet journal or planner is that it is yours alone, completely individual and a little snapshot of your life.


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