6 Ways To A Dog’s Heart

6 Ways To A Dog’s Heart

Has your dog ever surprised you by really not taking to a person who you have no reason to dislike?

Or, loving the one person you hate most in the World?

And, more interestingly,  did they turn out to be right?

My dog Holly is so good at this I believe that she can peel back the layers of clothes, makeup, even skin and see straight into someone’s soul. She doesn’t make a snap decision, it can take a few hours of sideways glances, air sniffing, and chin scratching,  but she is always right!

I should rent her out to dating sites, it would save so much heartache (and money), bless her its a shame she doesn’t know how to swipe left or right.

How To Win a Dog’s Heart

However, like most dogs, she is incredibly fickle and can be swayed easily, here is a list of game changers:-

1 Food.

An offer of food is always good but the offer of a carrot will have severe implications, she will hate you… FOR LIFE!

Gravy bones give Brownie points, but a slice of sausage equals lifetime devotion.

2 The Tickle Spot

Anyone can give Holly a good old tummy rub but there are only a few who can hit..‘The Spot’. This is approx 3mm to the left of the top of the right leg and is signaled by a frantic leg wiggle.

3 A Sense of Smell.

This doesn’t refer to Holly but the person concerned and their total lack of it. As a mature old lady, Holly whiffs a little and her breathe doesn’t exactly smell like home-baked bread!. However, the mention of a bath will not do well on  Holly’s Popularity Poll. So, it is best to pretend that you love the perfume of ‘old dog’ and be able to exist without breathing in!

4 The Best Seat

Holly has been sitting in approximately the same place for nearly fourteen years. She will choose the chair closest to the fire, with a good view out of the window, preferably with the fluffiest blanket and the softest cushion. Anyone who objects to this or finds themselves without a seat can simply sit on the floor!

5 The Treat Tin

Holly’s hearing might not be what it was…but don’t ever try to open the fridge quietly. The same goes for the biscuit tin and that cupboard where mum keeps her emergency stash of goodies. She will hear you and catch you out so don’t even try!

6 The Word ‘No’

Most words are acceptable like ‘dinnertime’, ‘bedtime’ and ‘treat time’ but if you say the ‘N’ word to Holly she will give you the curled lip treatment forever! It doesn’t matter if her bark can shatter glass, or she always wants to go out just as you have sat down, the word cannot be said in her presence.

So there it is! Holly’s definition of The Way to a Dogs Heart!

Not exactly a scientific post, but definitely true!


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