Super Cute Animals by Jane Maday (Book Review)

Draw and Paint

Super Cute Animals by Jane Maday (Book Review)


Draw and Paint Super Cute Animals

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My Review of Draw and Paint Super Cute Animals

I was interested in this book because as a complete novice I really wanted to learn how to draw cute dogs. They didn’t have to be realistic looking but more detailed than just a caricature. This step by step tutorial taught me not just how to draw really cute cats, dogs, rabbits, and willdlife.

The book goes a step further and shows you how to blend, shade and colour the illustrations.

The first part of the book explains use of colour, shading and drawing techniques. Then the second part concentrates on the tutorials of drawing each different animal. The pictures in the book are clear and bold, which is important because the illustrations teach the reader as much as the text, in this case.

The book does indeed teach you how to draw and paint super cute animals however, there is so much more!

It certainly exceeded my expectations as to how much content was included and I thought it was outstanding value for money.

Here are the basic materials needed, however, I have to confess my efforts were done with just a piece of paper, pencil, and rubber.

Draw and Paint Super Cute Animals

1 Blender Pen
2 Pastel Pencil
3 Coloured Pencil
4 Watercolour Pencil
5 Liner Pen
6 Drawing Pencil

Drawing Dogs

 A photo from the ebook on the right and my amateurish attempt on the left, but this did only take ten minutes.

As you can see from the photos the author breaks down the anatomy to help with different parts of the body.


Drawing Cats


There are beautiful illustrations of all types of animals, sea life, the countryside, and nature. Additionally, there are tutorials on how to draw horses, bears, stags, butterflies, and flowers.

I think this would make a fantastic gift for anyone of any age who would just like to pick up a pencil and create. From art students to children who love animals and people who want to experiment in the art of drawing. I must say that I really enjoyed looking through the book and trying out the demonstrations. Consequently, I found following the tutorials incredibly relaxing.

Thank you to the publisher and the author for a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Jane Maday began her career at 14 years of age, as a scientific illustrator for the University of Florida. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from the Ringling College of Art and Design, she was recruited by Hallmark Cards, Inc, as a greeting card illustrator. Though her scientific past helps Jane add realism to her artwork, she soon discovered she enjoys painting the outsides of animals to the insides!
Jane left the corporate world after her children were born, and moved to beautiful Colorado. In addition to the breathtaking landscape, menagerie of animals, and garden for inspiration, she has two grown children and a wonderful husband to share it all.


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