Princess, The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II by Jane Dismore


Princess, The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II by Jane Dismore

Today I am so happy to be sharing my book review of Princess, The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II by Jane Dismore . Thank you to David Haviland at Thistle Publishing for supplying a copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.


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My Review

The Royal Family fascinate me so I was eager to read this new biography looking at the early life of Queen Elizabeth II. At ninety-two years old no-one can dispute her work ethic or sense of duty to the United Kingdom. She will always be renowned for her great strength, immense dignity, and calming presence.

Most people will not remember the Princess as a child so this glimpse into her early years is really interesting. The book starts with the birth of Princess Elizabeth and carries on until her coronation.

My main worry about royal biographies is the authenticity of the content. In this book, Jane Dismore speaks to some of the Queen’s closet friends and family, some of whom have never spoken out before. It gives the biography a very personal, sincere and most of all genuine account of Elizabeth’s life as a child.

Author Bio

I’m delighted that my latest book, PRINCESS: The Early Life of Queen Elizabeth II, is now published, with new interviews and fresh material. My writing life started with features for well-known women’s magazines while I was teaching English and Drama in secondary schools. A complete change of lifestyle saw me running private yachts in the Mediterranean for four years, which led to travel articles – often undertaken between negotiating protection money with local mafia chiefs and trying to avoid floating mines off the coast of Albania. In Gibraltar, I had a regular radio slot, presenting my features on the British Forces Broadcasting Service.
After returning to England, I re-qualified and practised as a solicitor for nineteen years. For three years, I was the “legal eagle” on a local radio station but continued to write whenever I could, including for The Times.
My particular interests are history and biography. My first non-fiction book, “The Voice from the Garden: Pamela Hambro and the Tale of Two Families Before and After the Great War”, was long listed for the New Angle Prize for Literature 2013. My second book, “Duchesses: Living in 21st Century Britain”, was published by Blink Publishing in 2014. I also write for magazines (history and general interest) and websites.

If you love reading royal biographies, here is my review of
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