Henry’s Tale- David Pipe (Book Review)

Today I would like to introduce you to Henry’s Tale by David Pipe.  It is a delightful story about a Border Terrier dog with a massive heart.

Henry’s Tale- David Pipe

‘The trick, Henry, is to survive, but you have to know how.’

Henry Ford is a cute but naive Border terrier puppy who lives with his papa Alan and mama Jenny. Alan loves his job, playing golf and above all, Henry. Jenny loves designer clothes, shoes and her credit card. She doesn’t love Henry.

Not sure whether he has everything or nothing he runs away and after a dramatic journey home where his mama and papa’s marriage is on the rocks, his papa has to choose: Jenny or Henry.

With his future looking decidedly insecure, Henry’s furry pals at the terrier club develop a plan to reorganise his papa’s life.

Overflowing with drama and canine humour, Henry has to learn that doing nothing is not an option.

This powerful tale tests the bond between man and his best friend.

30% of royalties will be donated to Border Terrier Welfare.

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My Review

This is the entertaining story of Henry, the Border Terrier puppy, told by Henry himself. He has a great friend in his papa Alan but mama Jenny has other priorities in life (like designer handbags and flashy cars!). Henry makes many canine friends along the way including  Bully the British Bulldog who finds himself homeless and living in the park alone.

Henry is typical of all Border Terriers. He is clever and loyal with lots of energy and a mischievous side that gets him into all sorts of scrapes. He is only a puppy, so there is a lot to learn about the world but his loving heart ensures that fairness prevails.

I loved the Watford Elite Terrier Club where the local terriers gathered to gossip and discuss how their owner’s training was coming along.

How’s the training coming along Henry?”

‘Papa’s doing very well, he responds really fast; I only have to think Hunts and he’s got the tin opener in his hand; couldn’t be better. Mama’s not so easy; she’s fairly snappy; growls and barks a lot of the time. I’m a bit worried she might bite someone. I try to keep her away from children in case she loses her nerve.’

(I’m sure my dachshund speaks the same way about me!)

The book is lovingly written and will appeal to dog lovers young and old. The writing is comical and there are quite a few laugh out loud moments along the way. A truly heartwarming and entertaining story.

A donation from the sales of this book will go to Border Terrier Welfare so this is a great way of helping a deserving charity.

About the Author


David Pipe was born in 1949 in a small Essex village. He attended a local grammar school before studying chemistry at Hull. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry in England and South Africa before studying more at Imperial College. After spells at universities in Geneva and Mulhouse he joined the oil industry in Germany where aged 53 he gratefully took a redundancy package. Following a period of self-employment he wound down his business, eventually giving it up to scratch the writing itch which has produced his first book, Sacrificing Starlight.

When he’s not writing David spends his spare time reading, swimming and jogging. He is married and lives with his wife and their Border terrier Henry in Hamburg.

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