Do Bugs Wear Shoes? by Anthony Puttee and Addie Broussard

Do Bugs Wear Shoes? by Anthony Puttee and Addie Broussard

Happy Halloween and welcome to the Blog Blitz for Do Bugs Wear Shoes? by Anthony Puttee and Addie Broussard. Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the invite to the Blitz and for an e-copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly.


Do Bugs Wear Shoes?

A colorful, fun-filled book packed with answers to all your silliest bug questions! 
Learn what happens when a bug goes to space, to school, and to the gym. Find out if bugs have feelings like people do. Discover robot bugs, dancing bugs, bugs that poop and so much more!
Filled with illustrations, photographs and interactive videos, Do Bugs Wear Shoes will have kids laughing and learning as they discover awe-inspiring facts about the insect world. This beautifully designed book is organized into colorful two-page spreads that each focus on a different question, making it easy and fun to read for children and big kids alike.

BOOK EXTRAS include videos and printable worksheets for extended learning. Great for educators and at-home learning.

PLUS, vote on the world’s most beautiful bug!

Recommended for ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and up.

Don’t miss out on the chance to bug out!tu-bugbook-pinterest-pins-standard-v1

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My Review

Do Bugs Wear Shoes? is an entertaining and educational look at the World of Insects for all children from the age of six upwards. The book is split into bite-size questions just like a typical child would ask;-

Do Bugs Poop?

Do Bugs Have Feelings?

The answers are all there, with up-close photographs and infographics on each colourful page.

Take scary misconceptions about bugs away and make learning about these amazing creatures great fun.

I’m not a fan of bugs but I found some of the amazing facts fascinating. This may not be an ideal bedtime read but I’m sure it will become a firm favourite with children, parents, and teachers. It’s a great way to get children interested in nature and presented in a way which will relate to their sense of imagination.

For all budding Entomologists!



Author Bio –

Two Umbrellas is an educational publishing company that fuses education and storytelling.  We offer books and activities to help parents and educators empower tomorrow’s leaders.

Our founders, Anthony Puttee and Addie Broussard, love to travel.  Anthony’s favorite trip was to Antarctica and he has included some of his personal photos in this book.  Addie has traveled solo around the world. While in Portugal, she encountered a unique insect, which inspired a children’s book called The Beedog, which was published in 2018. The idea for Do Bugs Wear Shoes came from a playful team meeting on a rooftop in Mexico.




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  1. Thanks for sharing your review. It’s cool to see that learning about bugs was fun for you even as a non-bug fan. Hope you have a great Halloween!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I was fascinated by the amazing facts and its an inspiring Publication Day! Happy Halloween !

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