Happy Dogs


Happy Dogs

I think the best thing about owning a dog is seeing them run free when they can be let off the lead. The look of sheer enjoyment and excitement on their faces is a sheer joy to watch.

It’s difficult to capture a good photo when they are tearing around a field at 100mph but I did manage a couple on our walk today. These are my daughter’s dogs Luca and Rosie, Darcy was there too but he has to be kept on a lead.



It always gives me a real lift to see dogs having fun, it’s worth all the muddy paws when they get home. I only wish I had got half their energy!

What do you love most about owning a dog?

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  1. Having four of them! Though our dear Annie is soon to be 16 and is in the “just make her comfortable” stage, the others are 8, 2, 1, and are the lucky doggies who have a good sized FENCED back yard to run around and chase the birds and squirrels who try to share. Of course, Mom and Dad enjoy the luxury of simply going to the sliding glass door and saying, “Get the birdies!” They still get to go to the rail trail, walk on leashes, and greet the other walkers and the many other dogs who are not as lucky.

    1. I have a 15 year old and she’s at the comfortable stage too. Every day is a bonus! I would love four dogs but I have 2 of my own and take care of my daughters too so there is 4 here quite often. I think your dogs are very lucky to have you.x

  2. I have two of my own and a usually a foster around the house now pretty much regularly.i must say sometimes is engaging but I will never ever stay without them or with only one dog.My Clara is now 11 death and nearly completely blind but still as active as a puppy and still running on the beach with the others every morning 😀

    1. Oh you are so lucky to live near a beach where your dogs can run free. It sounds like Clara has a wonderful life despite her disabilities. I have an elderly dog too and she inspires me so much. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day xx

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