Best Christmas Reads (Book Reviews)

Best Christmas Reads

(Reviews and Recommendations)

With Christmas fast approaching, all book bloggers are knee deep in fantastic new releases.  Looking back at the Christmas releases from 2017 there are still some real gems which are just too good to be forgotten.

Christmas never goes out of fashion and these books are recommended to make the festive season extra special.

If you like an uplifting, heart warming and fun read, these are not to be missed.

This is a list of my Best Christmas Reads from last year.

Christmas At The Gin Shack

I really liked this book because it is written from the perspective of an octogenarian who has such a young view of life, and a very trendy mode of transport! The gin cocktails were an added bonus for me because, like Olive, I do like a drop of gin!

Christmas at the Gin Shack Christmas Book Review


What attracted me to the next book  Christmas at the Little Knitting Box was the really beautiful cover. It didn’t disappoint and has made me want to spend Christmas in New York.

 Christmas at the Little Knitting Box Christmas Book Reviews

My review

Next, for something very different. Heart Note again drew me in with its amazing cover, this had some real laugh out loud moments and a touch of Christmas spice too.

Heart Note Christmas Book Reviews

My review

A Rock n Roll Lovestyle was set in beautiful Salzburg and featured Sukie McClaren a feisty independent cat lover, and Pete Wallace the reluctant rock star.

rock n roll lovestyle christmas book reviews

My review

If you love children this is a must-read. The star, for me, is little six-year-old Sofia who lost her mum and now doesn’t believe in Father Christmas. Can the Christmas magic be restored for Sofia and her father Mads? Christmas at the Candied Apple Cafe was one of my best Christmas reads this year.

Christmas at he Candied Apple Cafe Christmas Book Reviews

Another favourite was Winter at the Cosy Cottage Cafe How could I not enjoy a book which features a British Bulldog called Hairy Pawter? not to mention his owner Tom the vet!

cosy cottage Christmas Book Reviews

My Review

Finally, everyone’s favourite Christmas read, A Christmas Carol. It was the first time I read this and I loved it. It only takes a couple of hours to read and is all about the true meaning of Christmas. I will try to make a new Christmas tradition and read it every Christmas Eve from now on.  If you’re feeling stressed about presents, turkey and family tension……this will put everything into perspective.

It’s unbelievably just 49p on Kindle at the moment, you can get your copy here


My review

Hope you like this small selection of Christmas reads and thank you to @rararesources, NetGalley and all the wonderful authors who provided me with these treasures.

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    1. Thank you, there are so many great Christmas books, I’ve read loads already and it isn’t November yet!

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