12 Best Superfoods for Dogs

Superfoods for Dogs

We hear a lot about superfoods for humans but there are also superfoods for dogs. These can either be added to the dog’s normal food or given as the occasional treat.

Take care to add different food gradually to avoid tummy upsets starting with really small amounts.

I posted recently about the hazards of Christmas foods to our dogs (you can read the blog post here)

This time I wanted to balance things out because number 1 of the list is something that most of us have at this time of year, we either get sick of eating it or end up throwing it away. It’s also cheap to buy in the New Year.

Turkey – This is full of protein and provides potassium and essential amino acids.

Pumpkin – In the UK we have trouble getting fresh pumpkin (unless it’s Halloween) but the canned variety is just as good (but not the pie filling!) It can help regulate the digestion after a tummy upset and is full of fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

Bananas– These give an immediate energy boost, also full of vitamin c and potassium.

Sardines – A real favourite in my house, they are packed full of vitamin B12, omega 3 oils, protein and vitamin D.

Honey (Raw, Local) – When eaten, tiny amounts of pollen are ingested and boost the tolerance during allergy season.

Sweet Potatoes– Rich in fibre, natural sugar, and antioxidants which help prevent cancer.

Apples – Full of fibre, cleans teeth and freshens breathe, (remove the pips)

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Carrots Another breath freshener also, the beta-carotene keeps eyes healthy and aids night vision. (My dogs don’t like them so I roast with a little honey).

Broccoli – Another vegetable that helps with eye care and is full of fibre. It has cancer-fighting powers and a good source of potassium and calcium.

Kale – A leafy vegetable high in vitamins A E and C. It contains antioxidants. which help the liver detoxify the body and anti-inflammatory properties.

Yoghurt – A natural probiotic which helps to keep bad bacteria away.

Blueberries– Give in small quantities because they can affect bowel movements but a tasty and super healthy treat. The frozen ones are just as good but lots cheaper.

Other items I like to add are green beans, brown rice, and liver. I also add coconut oil to my dog’s food.

You can read more about green beans here.

Hope it keeps those tails wagging!

coconut oil for dogs
coconut oil for dogs

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