The SIT command (Basic Dog Training)

The SIT command for dogs

The Sit command is probably the most basic command and the one most people start with when training a new puppy.

It’s important because when the puppy realises that he gets rewarded for performing commands he will want to learn more.

The Sit Command

The ‘Sit’ command will keep your dog safe from traffic and well mannered with people and other dogs (ie they can’t jump up whilst sitting)

I find that clicker training is a good way to train a dog, but it is so important to click at precisely the right time, or the dog will become completely confused.

How To Teach The  Sit Command.

1 Position the dog in a standing position in front of you.

2 Hold a treat close to the dog’s nose and give the command ‘Sit’

3 Raise the treat up and over the dogs head

4 The dog will follow the movement of the treat, his head will raise and his bottom will drop naturally.

5 Be ready to CLICK the second that the dog’s bottom hits the floor.

6 Give the treat and praise the dog.


Improve the Sit Command

If the dog has this perfected in no time you can improve it by making the dog sit to a hand command or stating that the dog has to sit for a number of seconds.

Train the dog to sit when you are further away from him or when your back is turned. Teach him to sit if other dogs are present, teach him to sit whilst you bounce a ball next to him.

Only teach one advanced ‘Sit’ command at one time, work slowly so that the dog doesn’t get confused.

The Sit and Stay Command

When to Use the Sit Command

Teaching your dog to sit is so much more than a clever trick. Here are the reasons why your dog needs to learn such a simple command.

1 The dog can sit at the curb before crossing the road.

2 He can be told to sit until his bowl is placed in front of him

3 The dog can sit whilst a lead is attached.

4 The dog can sit when the front door is opened.

5 After a car journey, the dog will sit on command when the car door is opened.

The next part of the training is to incorporate the ‘STAY’ command to the ‘SIT’ command. Therefore your dog will be trained to sit for however long you choose. This takes patience and time, a gradual build up but with really satisfying results.

Tips for Sit and Stay Command

1 Work on the time element first, stay close to the dog until he understands the concept of the stay command.

2 Add literally a few seconds at a time.

3 Add distractions ie move your arms.

4 When the dog will stay with you close by, take a step away from the dog and gradually move away.

5 Don’t forget to reward with treats, ignore incorrect behaviour and be very patient.

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