Pumpkin For Dogs

Pumpkin For Dogs It was an American friend who advised me to give my dog pumpkin for an upset stomach. She said that she had a dog with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and she always had a little pureed pumpkin in the freezer in case she needed it. She also told me that the canned variety... Continue Reading →

Happy Dogs

  Happy Dogs I think the best thing about owning a dog is seeing them run free when they can be let off the lead. The look of sheer enjoyment and excitement on their faces is a sheer joy to watch. It's difficult to capture a good photo when they are tearing around a field... Continue Reading →

Christmas Throwback Book Reviews

With Christmas fast approaching, all book bloggers are knee deep in fantastic new releases.  Looking back at the Christmas releases from 2017 there are still some real gems which are just too good to be forgotten. This is a list of my favourites from last year, still great reads and highly recommended. Christmas at the... Continue Reading →

The Antique Shop

The Antique Shop Books standing proudly wearing jackets of dust Aroma's of vanilla, tobacco, and musk China teapots with chintzy bouquets A knitted shawl that has seen better days A lonely cup missing its friend Brasses and tapestries gone out of trend An oversized vase with a hairline crack a redundant, unwanted  letter rack A military coat... Continue Reading →


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